Worlds In Migration

Immanuel Velikovsky si no? Modified Worlds In Collision? The Grand Tack theory, the Nice Model, jumping Jupiter, migrating Saturn was partly what he got vilified for. Vastly different chronology but which way are scientific cosmology theories moving.

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A study published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters posits that Mars formed in what today is the Asteroid Belt, roughly one and a half times as far from the sun as its current position, before migrating to its present location.
Mars and Earth may not have been early neighbors |

Some of the effects of this scientific plasma zeitgeist were predicted. Many varying time frames for the varying mass migrations and trigger events - based on differing amounts of peer reviewed ideas up to catastrophically rapid movements and musical chairs mainly due to electromagnetic forces and plasma.

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While many scientists are beginning to embrace the idea of planetary migration, studies such as this raise additional questions regarding the planets and their histories. What is Venus' composition and how does it compare to that of Earth? Confirmation of similarities between Venus and Earth would circumstantially support the idea that, in the Grand Tack theory, Jupiter pushed material in-system to form Earth and Venus.
Mars and Earth may not have been early neighbors |

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Velikovsky's Planets In Migration

Rogue planets, gravity free plasma stars, interlopers, plasma, planetary configurations and cosmogony (Jupiter and Saturnian Cosmology)

For a long time, the circular, evenly-spaced orbits of the Solar System were interpreted as relics of a placid evolutionary history. Each planet seemed to have assembled very near its present orbit and maintained long-term dynamical harmony with its neighbors. In addition, the distribution of mass among the eight planets seemed to support a scenario of orderly growth ...

This simple scenario, as it turns out, has fatal flaws ... Taken together, these discontinuities, eccentricities, and irregularities offer incontrovertible proof of a complex evolutionary process.
Solar System Archaeology, Part II | Back Alley Astronomy

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The lightning bolts of angry gods at Carl Sagan for having their thunder stolen.

It could be that the giant planets formed close together and then later moved away by the influence of their gravitational interactions. Such a theory isn't unique to our solar system. "We understand from direct observations via the Kepler Space Telescope and earlier studies that giant planet migration is a normal feature of planetary systems," Mojzsis says. "Giant planet formation induces migration, and migration is all about gravity, and these worlds affected each other's orbits early on."
Mars and Earth may not have been early neighbors |

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Low probability means one of two things: that we don't have a better physical mechanism to explain Mars' formation or in the enormous panoply of possibilities we ended up with one that is relatively rare, he says, noting that the latter seems to be the best conclusion.

... Given enough time, we can expect these events, Mojzsis says. For example, you'll eventually get double sixes if you roll the dice enough times. The probability is 1/36 or roughly the same as we get for our simulations of Mars' formation.
Mars and Earth may not have been early neighbors |

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