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Why fast solar wind from Coronal Holes?

Why and how does the Suns plasma travel at different speeds? Why fast solar wind, why slow plasma currents from our star?

The Suns slow solar wind speed is around 8,947,745 miles per hour (400 kilometers per second) and the fast solar wind speed is double that at about 18,000,000 mph.

why what slow fast solar windWhy fast solar wind and slow solar wind?

Fast solar wind from Suns Coronal Holes?

The Japanese satellite Hinode has helped find information on the different composition and source of the fast and slow solar wind. The question now is how you interpret the information and the results.

The two, it seems clear, come about in different locations and are due to different physical mechanisms.

The fast stuff is actually the less variable, arising from regions in the sun’s corona (the cloud of hot, ionised gas that surrounds the sun proper and which is most apparent during an eclipse). At holes in the corona near the poles, magnetic field lines do not quite complete loops, permitting the charged particles to escape—a mix of elements from what is called the photosphere (nearer the surface of the sun itself—in a very real sense, it’s where the sun does shine).

The denser, more turbulent slow wind, by contrast has a composition more like that of the corona, and its origin has remained a subject of some debate.
Heliophysics – Where the slow blow goes

Fast solar wind puzzles

coronal holes fast solar wind plasmaWhat electromagnetic process creates the fast plasma and why from the Coronal Holes?

Will you ever get slow solar wind plasma from a Coronal Hole or sunspot?

Does fast solar wind go to and past the planets?

The solar wind blows from the Sun at a gentle 10 km/s or so and then accelerates up to around 800 km/s further out in space. That’s a top speed of nearly 3 million kilometres per hour.
how fast does the solar wind travel?

What natural process creates slow plasma and are the planets in a line (on the ecliptic plane) with slow solar wind?

Why does the solar wind not get freezing cold in space?

Why does the solar wind accelerate as you get further from the Sun? Why does it not slow down?

Why do you get a different type of plasma or solar wind from the Coronal Holes (sunspots)?

Extremely fast solar plasma eruptions

Electromagnetic natures particle accelerators?

The analysis of unique space data revealed extremely fast lateral expansion of the CME, triggering a solar tsunami ‒ a powerful plasma shock wave traveling at up to 1,100 km/s. The CME radial acceleration peak was 5.3 km/s2, while its lateral expansion peak reached 10.1 km/s2—the largest value in the history of solar observations.

The strong overexpansion and very high lateral expansion in this extreme coronal mass ejection that we derived from the unique set of space-space data, together with the fast shock wave it initiated, is most probably a key ingredient for the production of the widespread solar energetic particles associated with this event, which almost filled the whole heliosphere
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