why how solar wind hot mystery puzzle

Why does solar wind stay hot in cold space?

why how solar wind hot mystery puzzleWhy does the solar wind stay relatively hot in the very cold of deep space?

One big mystery is the question of what keeps the solar wind heated. One would think that the solar wind would cool down as it expands and travels away from the sun, but it remains hotter than expected. Some intrinsic activity within the wind must continue to generate heat.
A Solar Wind Workhorse Marks 20 Years of Science Discoveries

What powers and heats the solar wind

suns space plasma solar wind energy powerWhat powers the Suns plasma (solar wind) so that it does not get as cold as it should?

Is it those theoretically puzzling and mysterious magnetic reconnection or is it more to do with the electrical nature of space plasma (solar wind and space itself) in an Electric Universe?

It is known that magnetic reconnection – a process in which magnetic energy is converted into heat and acceleration of particles – is part of the process. In sync with this endeavor, Wind has searched for the signatures of magnetic reconnection closer to home.

“The question we had was whether magnetic reconnection could ever happen in the low density solar wind, where things are not as dynamic as in the sun’s atmosphere,” said Szabo. “Wind found signatures of reconnection, but they weren’t violent reactions like what happens closer to the sun. These were subtle, lower energy events, and the signature were thin streams of particles accelerating outward, which we call reconnection jets.”

These jets last for such short periods of time that the 3-second data collection on Wind is just barely fast enough to capture them
A Solar Wind Workhorse Marks 20 Years of Science Discoveries