Worlds in Collision Immanuel Velikovsky

What would ‘Worlds in Collision’ look like?

Worlds in Collision Immanuel VelikovskyMore and more scientific models are suggesting that a stable Solar System is not possible, that you can not have a stable Newtonian clockwork like Solar System.

One of the radical Electric Universe theory ideas is that our Solar System and the planets in it are not a stable system. Immanuel Velikovsky suggested it in his books, especially Worlds in Collision.

In the past and very recently in human history – it is still part of myth and folklore – there was planetary chaos and the planets traveled in different orbits. They hurtled those mysterious thunderbolts of the gods at each other and planet Earth.

Close planet approach to Earth

jupiter egyptian ptah zeus god king scenarioVarious EU theory based ideas (Saturn Polar Configuration and God King Scenario based on the Velikovsky / Ackerman scenario) on how we got the present planetary alignment have the other planets sometimes approaching Earth very closely.

How would other planets have looked in our skies if they had approached close to Earth? What would it have looked like if with Worlds in Collision?

The video below shows how large or small the planets would have been if they were the same distance as the Moon from the Earth.

The God King Scenario has the Earth being approached many times by other planets. The GKS article The Blue Crown (Khepresh) shows ‘just one of the many manifestations of Pharaonic Mars when in close proximity to earth only a few thousand years ago.’

Close encounters with planets

Perhaps what a Worlds In Collision event would have looked like from the Egyptian world and the Giza pyramids?
worlds in collision planets close encounter earth approaching