earth magnetic field reversal southern hemisphere

What is North or South?

earth magnetic field reversal southern hemisphereIn the old days if you were living in the middle of a very flat country and without a magnet then what and where would be north and south?

magnetic reversal earth southern cross starsWas north where the stars showed north was, especially the North Star (Polaris)?

Is north worked out by where the sun rises and sets? As the sun rises in the east (over those hills/towns/sea) and sets over there, so north is that way?

Is north only where the magnetic north is located?

Earth magnetic field reversal

If during one of Earths magnetic reversals the geomagnetic north become the south pole what would be north?

Earth pole reversal

magnetic reversal earth north star big dipperIf the Earth physcially reversed (flipped) itself over, so the southern and northern hemispheres swapped, and the stars were in the opposite hemispheres of where they should be – what would be north or south? Especially in ancient days.

If during a physical Earth pole reversal there was not an actual magnetic reversal (the Earths magnetic poles were independent of the planets body), so the magnetic poles were now in the opposite physical location of where they should be (magnetic north stays where it is but now located in the old southern hemisphere), what would now be north or south?

How would you explain the changes to those coming after you or who experienced it?


Earths magnetic reversals mystery