planet earths oceans water wet asteroids

What a tease!

planet earths oceans water wet asteroidsLots of astronomy and science sites writing articles to do with the type of water found on active asteroid 67P (comet 67P) not being like Earths water, so where did Earths water come from?

Lots of websites saying the same thing … and then!

It starts with a decent title of Rosetta pours cold water on cometary origins of Earth’s oceans and is by Lee Billings, a blogger on Scientific American.

In the Enuma Elish, a Babylonian epic that recounts the creation of the world, the heavens and the Earth emerge from a primordial abyss of brackish water. According to the biblical book of Genesis, water existed before land, life, and even light itself. Our ancient ancestors realized, just as we do today, that water is fundamental to life. But even though they could conceive creation stories for the Earth, moon, and stars, many cultures at the dawn of human history seemed baffled by the origin of our planet’s water.

Thousands of years later, the genesis of Earth’s oceans remains one of the key missing pieces in our modern creation stories.

Wow. Not your normal start.

Could a science person actually question some theories and those they are based on, from actual evidence? Instead of always just modifying a theory, or, going back to the drawing board but using the same failed basic theories to create a new theory that in the future is guaranteed to have to be modified many times or scrapped altogether?

The fact that comets are totally opposite to what is predicted (apart from by the Electric Universe theory). Could he have used reason to work out that if the theory keeps predicting it wrong the theory might be wrong and not nature?

It then goes into more detail of the asteroid 67P findings and the main quote about wet asteroids etc. So it has gone back to being mainstream and the lingering hope that Lee Billings was actually going to consider something radically is slowly dieing and nearly dies.

And then!

Or, perhaps most probable of all, as more data are collected from asteroids and comets alike, the creation stories we now tell ourselves of one or the other source dominating water delivery will prove as naïve as the myths of our forebears.

Yes! The tipping point has been reached. We have a doubter, a thinker.

In the case of Earth’s oceans, it may not be either comets or asteroids that delivered them, but rather a significant mixture of both.