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Birkeland’s cosmic web

cosmic web birkeland currents filamentsIs there a cosmic web of Birkeland filaments?

The hidden tendrils of dark matter that underlie the visible Universe may have been traced out for the first time. Cosmology theory predicts that galaxies are embedded in a cosmic web of “stuff”, most of which is dark matter.

Astronomers obtained the first direct images of a part of this network, by exploiting the fact that a luminous object called a quasar can act as a natural “cosmic flashlight”
Cosmic ‘web’ seen for first time | BBC

Are these cold gas filaments that connect Birkeland galaxies together in an interconnecting circuit Birkeland currents?

The universe is known to consist of huge voids surrounded by gigantic filaments making up the cosmic web. These filaments are made of gas clouds and galaxies. Galaxy clusters are located at the intersections of filaments, which are like knots in the web. Clusters grow through the accretion of gas from these large-scale filaments and through mergers with other clusters and groups of galaxies.
Doubly accelerated electrons detected in collisions of galaxy clusters | Science Daily

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The universe is an empty place — or is it? The cold gas filaments that span the space between galaxies are faint and hard to see, but astronomers believe this difficult-to-detect gas is responsible for the evolution of galaxies over time …

The KCWI is designed to simultaneously obtain images and spectra of objects, including the gas filaments that comprise what astronomers call the cosmic web. Obtaining spectra will provide researchers with information about the filaments’ mass, velocity, and composition, providing a never-before-seen look at their interactions with the galaxies they surround …

“We know the gas around galaxies is ultimately fuelling them, but it is so faint … hope that the KCWI will reveal the details necessary about the cosmic web to finally determine its role in galaxy evolution … The team studied the kinematics of the gas surrounding a distant galaxy and found a large, rotating disk of gas connected to an extragalactic gas filament.
Caltech’s newest instrument will untangle the cosmic web with new imaging capabilities | Astronomy

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Why are there circuitry wires of plasma powering and flowing between the galaxies and presumably each solar system and perhaps each planet and perhaps everything?

Simulations of structure formation in the Universe predict that galaxies are embedded in a ‘cosmic web … Here we report observations of a cosmic web filament in Lyman-α emission, discovered during a survey for cosmic gas fluorescently illuminated by bright quasars
A cosmic web filament revealed in Lyman-α emission around a luminous high-redshift quasar

Birkeland’s cosmic web? Birkeland’s web of life? Kristian Birkeland’s web?