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Turning water into calcium not wine

Why and how can chalk and limestone layers be so thick and so pure with very little debris, apart from mostly not crushed creatures, for rock made of sediment?

Can water be changed into calcium or other similar material by near instant natural events in an Electric Universe?

fossilized thunder crabs

Enough material of supposedly dead life to form strata, that can be hundreds of meters thick of the same chemical elements, its origin from countless thousands of years of flowing living oceans. Virtually no impurities.

Electrochemical salty sea water into limestone or other rock like material, encasing creatures?

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In the temperate peninsula region of Washington State, patient hunters of concretions find fossilized crabs hidden within orbs of stone. The crabs, like many trilobite fossils we all have seen, are highly detailed and in defensive positions.
Electric Fossils and Thundercrabs | Thunderbolts

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Could water be transmuted into calcium? And this calcium then converted either by the same event or later into calcium carbonate?

This Jurassic Coast is renowned as a fossil collectors paradise. But the questions that leap at you as you study the acres of buried fossils is more exciting than the intricate appeal of the Nautilus shaped shells! How on earth did millions of squid-like marine creatures get submerged in limestone rock? They are plainly visible, glaring up at you, from within this rocky beach plateau.

The ammonites have been mysteriously turned from watery marine bodies to rock. Incredibly, they are encased in limestone, as if in the very act of swimming. In other parts of the world, they have been transformed into opals or even petrified into flint hard rock. Sectioning of the Ammonite fossils reveals their internal organs in minute detail. What force of nature transmuted these squid-like creatures into rock?

It certainly must have been an instantaneous process, for what dies is quickly recycled unless some geological intervention occurs. That intervention petrifies biological matter, and is almost always connected to the cause of death. Not just one fossil is found, but a vast mass extinction!

What tool of nature fossilized these once watery marine Ammonites?
The Jurassic Coast – a Transmutation Extinction? | Thunderbolts

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Could this explain why on planet Earth there is so much geology limestone/chalk layers and features?

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The miracle of water into fossil wine?

Peter Mungo Jupp suggests one possible scenario to start to even try to figure out the magic trick of marine fossilisation. Like Jesus turning water into a more valuable and appreciated commodity, water into fossilised animal rocks.
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The Jurassic Coast have millions of fossilized Ammonites that look like a squid with a shell and they are now totally extinct! But what was the tool of their mass extinction and what petrified and fossilized their numerous remains?

H2O or water is two elements, hydrogen and oxygen with 10 protons. Calcium (the basic stuff of limestone), has a proton count (atomic number) of 20. This is twice that of water.

All that is theoretically needed to convert water to Calcium is an abundance of Neutrons. Lightning discharge is recorded as producing an abundance of Neutrons. Feasible? Yes. Possible? Maybe.

Perhaps Transmutation by plasma discharge events and/or plasmoid production from cosmic events could cause the fossilization of the Jurassic Coast and other places on our Earth.
The Jurassic Coast – a Transmutation Extinction? | MungoFlix

turning water into wine calcium biological transmutations eu theory electrical

Could a massive plasma event/discharge on, inside or near our planet cause the transmuting of elements?

Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous ammonite fossils

Or could a massive natural electrical, electromagnetic event in or through the water change it into something else?

Jurassic Coast Ammonites, these marine creatures of all sizes, (up to 5 feet across) were buried instantaneously in a calcium medium (limestone is calcium carbonate). It is then we begin to speculate: could the medium in which the fossils were originally found become subject to the same transformation process as the fossils themselves? Could plasma discharge change water into limestone?
The Jurassic Coast – a Transmutation Extinction? | Thunderbolts

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Or the straight Electric geology transmutation of water into calcium carbonate (limestone, chalk)?

Jurassic Coast fossilized Ammonites

Calcium seems a vital part of nature and life. Does nature, does an Electric Universe, does life through biological transmutations, need to transmutate elements and chemical compounds into calcium and other calcium forms as one of its main basic building blocks?

Lightning and thunder eggs, crabs and fossils

Fossilised crabs in limestone and other material such as clays.

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Yet, despite all of the assurances by the experts that fossilization is a sedate, molecule-by-molecule transformation of dead flora and fauna over eons of time, interested bystanders, amateurs, hobbyists, children, and other more intuitive observers cannot help but notice the examples of living creatures caught in stone as they hatched, gave birth, devoured other creatures, or twisted and contorted in a moment of back-arching agony.

Is there a force besides quick burial that could suddenly change things into stone, as it sometimes appears? The surprising answer in many cases, though not in all, to the preservation of flora and fauna (including dinosaurs and other megafauna) is an electrical catastrophe.

One possibility is that fossilization is in fact instantaneous. Under conditions of powerful electrical discharge one element (such as carbon) might be transmuted into another (such as silicon). Low temperature electrical transmutation has been observed in the lab
Electric Fossils and Thundercrabs | Thunderbolts

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Electrical instant transformation of chemical elements and preservation of the original animals structure?


Fossilised crabs in limestone

All these images of Carpiliidae (crabs) are from MB Fossil Crabs.

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In some locations salt water or the local host material converted rapidly into clays, other soft rocks and also harder stone like material to produce thunder eggs and thunder crabs.

Catastrophic fossilisation

Sometimes it seems that in local areas a catastrophe has struck and land and marine life are jumbled up, smashed to pieces and the rapid fossilisation process occurs.

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Phosphatic limestone that was found near Aswan, Egypt. It’s from the Kurkur Formation and dates to the Lower Paleocene. Teeth and fragments of vertebrates and foraminiferal shells are immersed here in the dense micrite, lime mud. The photo is 3 mm across.
Photomicrograph of Phosphatic Limestone | Earth Science Picture of the Day

Is this a similar process for the fossilized material but with chaotic events in the moments before? Or is it totally different?