out of africa dna L3 australia aboriginal aborigine

Race walking

Another example of shoehorning the conclusions of your own results into standard theory? Even if your own data does not and can not fit into the shoe?

After fleeing out of Africa, their DNA mutating the instant they left the continent, part of the L3 wandering tribe went halfway across the world in only 20,000 years and eventually arrived in north Australia around 60,000 BC.

out of africa dna L3 australia aboriginal aborigine

Some of the original Australian Aboriginals upon arriving in the North went on a speed walking race around the coast all the way to the bottom of the country, in only a few thousand years.

Evidence from dating techniques has to imply this as they found remains in a cave in a mountain range that extends into the outback, with the universal red ochre involved on the items.

Walkabout dating

Warratyi shelter australia genetics The rock fissure in the Flinders Ranges contains tools and other artefacts that date back to around 49,000 years ago. That means Aboriginal people must have colonised large parts of the continent within a few millennia of their arrival.

The ochre unearthed at Warratyi was determined to be between 49,000 and 46,000 years old…

Dr Lee Arnold, said the importance of Warratyi was cemented by its very secure dating – something that has proved difficult, and controversial, at other archaeological sites across Australia.
Rock shelter used by speedy early Australians | BBC

Humans colonized the continent by 50‚ÄČka, but an apparent lack of cultural innovations compared to people in Europe and Africa, has been deemed a barrier to early settlement in the extensive arid zone
Cultural innovation and megafauna interaction in the early settlement of arid Australia | Nature

Ceremonial walkabouts

Could the suggested ceremonial nature of the Warratyi cave be due to what the ancient aborigine peoples witnesses happening in the Flinders mountain ranges?

Perhaps striking from the skies or coming up from the ground or even terraforming the land into mountains? Would the shape and formation of the Wilpena Pound be evidence for an electrical discharge geology?

Researchers trying to understand the culture of these early people will be interested in the discovery of red ochre – a pigment that would have had ceremonial use, just as it does with today’s indigenous people.

… animal bones, charcoal, ash, egg shells and plant material, reveal that humans were using the site in sporadic fashion over thousands of years. The research team sees periods of frequent use interspersed with what may have been times of abandonment.

… Also in the cave is a bone specimen from the biggest marsupial that ever lived, the wombat-like creature Diprotodon optatum, and egg shells from the huge flightless bird Genyornis newtoni.
Rock shelter used by speedy early Australians | BBC

Could this have happened at the same time as the Mungo Geomagnetic Excursion that might have electromagnetically evolved the original Australian Aborigines into the different Mungo Man? If the original Aboriginals had already made it to Warratyi could they also have been further in Australia? Or already have been there much, much longer than standard chronology suggests?