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Wallace Thornhill or Wal Thornhill as he seems to be called, is one of the founding fathers of the Electric Universe theory (EU theory).

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We live in an electric world. Our cities are visible from space at night, blazing with electric lights. The electricity courses invisibly in the darkness over great distances along thin power lines. We find electricity indispensable. Nature does the same since all matter is electrical. Yet astronomy is stuck in the gas-light era, unable to see that stars are simply electric lights strung along invisible cosmic power lines that are detectable by their magnetic fields and radio noise.
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Wal Thornhill’s ideas, initially and then further inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky on the importance of electricity and plasma in space, were merged together with David Talbott’s comparative mythology of The Saturn Myth, also inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision and his other books, to create the basis of what is now known as the Electric Universe theory.

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Wallace Thornhill, David Talbott and others set up the thunderbolts.info website in 2004 and now have the Thunderbolts Project. Although the founders must have been hopeful, you would suspect even they must have been surprised how rapidly and popular the Thunderbolts site became.

Previous posts on plasma and EU investigators have been on mostly historic figures, or those with written histories due to Nobel prizes etc. Which has made them easy as virtually no personal opinions have needed to be made, just a copy and paste of other writers or websites information. Wal’s and others are harder as relatively little or different has been written.

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The face and voice of the EU

I have only met and spoke to Wallace Thornhill on a few occasions at conferences but each time he has been most generous with his time and happy to explain EU things. No sign of frustration as a person tells him for what must be the 1000th time that they now realise how gemstones are formed.

And like a 9th Level EU Dan or Chess Master he always mischievously casually drops in a mind and universe melting thought.

Wallace Thornhill Electric Universe theory EU

With the Electric Universe theory and Thunderbolts Project having to try to project and be more professional and not so crankpot science you get the sense that some of the more esoteric stuff that Wal has come to realise the EU represents to the benefit of mankind has had to be quietly put away for more private times and talks. Such as blowing the minds of EU newbies.

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At the 20th annual meeting of the Natural Philosophy Alliance, Australian physicist Wallace Thornhill recounted his personal odyssey, starting with inspiration from Immanuel Velikovsky and culminating in an interdisciplinary perspective on the “Electric Universe.” Also at this meeting, Wal received the distinguished Sagnac Award for his lifelong contribution to science.
Wallace Thornhill: The Interdisciplinary Story of the Electric Universe | Thunderbolts Project Youtube

Charged Up Wal

What is better than one charge of Wal? Two charges of Wal.

wallace thornhill wal

There is nothing more enjoyable or anticipated for those interested in the EU theory than Wal on the charge against modern science theory when declaring on certain subjects that all the maths and science is settled. Just after they have had to modify the modification to all the previous modified models and theories because a good science theory predicts.

If a worldwide science news fanfare announces that some dodgy science theory has been resolved you expect one charge of Wal from the Thunderbolts Space News videos. If it involves gravity or very dubious experimental interpretation and filtering then you hope for two charges of Wal.

It is like watching Glenn Mcgrath and Shane Warne bowling at either end, or, Steve Waugh and Adam Gilchrist batting together.

Wallace Thornhill wal

Wal can quietly, patiently, work his way through the experiment results, latest surprise findings or declaration and systematically destroy them and show the pure folly. Occasionally the pure frustration does break through in his voice. Perhaps the years of wondering what he could or would have done with those billions of scientists man hours and dollars at his disposal.

Gravity really gets Wal down

One of Wal’s personal crusades seems to be to fully understand exactly what gravity is, what it actually really does, and so come up with a theory or model that explains gravity.

wallace thornhill wal

You may believe that gravity is already known and what can be learned about it? But very surprising is the fact that science thinks they know what the effects of gravity are, what it does, but science actually can not state they know what causes gravity, what it is.

Wal has developed an Electric Gravity model over the years.

Wallace Thornhill wal

Wallace Thornhill bigography

Wallace Thornhill or Wal as he is known, graduated in Physics at Melbourne University in 1964 and began postgraduate studies with Prof. Victor Hopper’s upper atmosphere research group. Before entering university, he had been inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky through his controversial best-selling book, Worlds in Collision. Wal experienced first-hand the indifference and sometimes hostility toward a radical challenge to mainstream science. He realized there is no career for a heretic in academia.

Wal was initially heavily influenced by the then revolutionary ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky of Princeton. Velikovsky proposed that mankind had been devastated in the past by cosmological events . Wal took these ideas and with his deep knowledge of astronomy and, plasma physics began his own questioning of scientific dogma. Paramount was the place of electro magnetism , as distinct from gravity ,in the formation of the universe . This slowly but surely led to his and other colleagues (such as David Talbot ,Donald Scott and Anthony Peratt ) questioning such ingrained theories as the big bang, black holes and Einstein’s theory of relativity. This group in particular contend that many scientific “proofs “are theory laden or mathematically concocted . An insistence on empirical data from observations and experiments gives their work true integrity.
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Wallace Thornhill wal

Thornhill was invited to attend the first international Velikovskian conference at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1974, on the subject of The Recent History of the Solar System. There he met David Talbott and Velikovsky. On a subsequent visit to Velikovsky at his home in Princeton, NJ, Thornhill posed the key question raised by the theory of recent planetary catastrophe – what is the true nature of gravity? That question led to a re-examination of accepted ideas across many disciplines, culminating in the formulations of the “Electric Universe” hypothesis.

The “Electric Universe” was first presented at a World Conference in Portland, Oregon, in January 1997, and provoked great interest from the astronomers, engineers and scholars in attendance. Just prior to the conference he spent some thirty days with David Talbott, persuading him that the celestial configurations Talbott had reconstructed, beginning with the Saturn Myth, were plasma discharge phenomena. Workshops and conferences were subsequently held in Portland and Seattle.
Wal Thornhill | The Velikovsky Encyclopedia

Wallace Thornhill Electric Universe theory EU

Australian physicist. His work on “The Electric Universe” provides the broadest synthesis of electrical principles to date. It offers a new vantage point on solar system history, planetary cratering and scarring, the dynamics of the sun, and the nature of galaxies.
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Wallace Thornhill mythology gravity

Thornhill began his obsessive study of cosmic electricity in high school, when he read Immanuel Velikovsky’s book Worlds in Collision, published in 1950.

When a young Thornhill read Velikovsky’s book, he recognized a kindred spirit. Here, he thought, was a true scientist, not afraid to be a heretic. After studying physics and electronics at the University of Melbourne, Australia, Thornhill briefly did upper-atmosphere research at IBM, but he, too, identified as a heretic. It wasn’t long before he left the establishment.

He never forgot about Velikovsky, though. And in the early 1970s, he heard about a magazine called Pulsate: 10 issues, all devoted to his scientific hero. The publication was written by brothers Steven and David Talbott. He soon met these two, along with Velikovsky himself, at a conference called “Velikovsky and the Recent History of the Solar System.” Five years later, he found himself in Velikovsky’s home in Princeton, New Jersey. There, Velikovsky “planted the seed of an idea that gravity is related to the electrical structure of neutral matter,” Thornhill told me.

That seed would eventually grow into a framework called “electric universe” theory, which Thornhill and David Talbott would later develop together and which would gain a fervent worldwide following.

Thornhill and Talbott began their official EU collaboration at another conference, years later. “Since my university days, I had been prepared to assist those leading the fray in any way I could,” Thornhill said. “But at that 1994 conference, I realized that the leaders were gone and it was up to me.”

In preparation for that meeting, which was called “Planetary Violence in Human History,” Thornhill spent a month sleeping on his friend’s office floor. He wanted to convince Talbott that the ancient images he’d been studying—petroglyphs that look like the cartoon Suns in the top-right corners of kindergarten art—bore witness to catastrophic plasma events. Plasma, the idea went, pervades the universe in filaments. Those filaments carry electric current, and that current controls the cosmos. “Magnetism, gravity and the nuclear forces are all different manifestations of the electric force at vastly different scales,” Thornhill said of the basis of the theory.

Thornhill called his conference talk, “The Electric Universe.”
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Wal Thornhill ran into the cosmology of Talbott by accident, and immediately understood it in completely different terms. Having studied the works of plasma theorists, which hold that the nature of the sun is not nuclear but electric and that virtually all phenomena in the Universe are exhibitions of plasma flows, Thornhill was able to bring a completely different approach to the mechanics of the Saturnian Polar Configuration.

First, he assumed that the shishkebab formation consisted of planets stacked one above the other – all at nearly the same distance from the Sun. Second, he maintained that the connecting stream between the planets wasn’t water or dust – it was a plasma stream from Saturn at glow or arc mode.

Thus Thornhill’s major change in the model was to stack Saturn and its planets one above each other — a stroke of genius — which accomplished what had long been surmised but never related to physics. In rotation about the Sun, the side of Saturn would now be lighted by the Sun. Seen from below Saturn, this would be a crescent rotating about the planet. In this position the axis of Earth would not be subjected to a constant twist. All the planets would thus travel on about the same orbit around the Sun, although above or below the orbit of Saturn.
Adding a Plasma Connection – A Saturnian Cosmology | Jno Cook

The Biscuit Conspiracy

To many EU followers Wal is an EU God. The EU god. But he is also vaguely similar to normal men. I have it on good authority from someone who stayed with Wal, that Wal’s house is NOT on Mount Olympus. This chap also passed on this story that shows Wal does even have some human traits like us mere mortals.

Wallace Thornhill wal

Once, while dunking a biscuit in his cup of coffee, the biscuit broke off and fell into the coffee. Just like us! But being Wal, he did not intervene with his electromagnetic gravity super powers to stop it falling in.

Wallace Thornhill what is gravity

In fact, much like Newtons apple falling on his head, Wal used this experimental data, via 3 particularly difficult EU electromagnetic concepts that linked together, to confirm his Electric Gravity theory. All before the biscuit crumbs and the liquid vortex had settled in perfect electromagnetic gravitational equilibrium on the bottom of the cup. When they had settled he then announced a new theory on Electric Geology and how our world was created.

If you have been to an Electric Universe theory conference, or spoken to an EU convert, then you may have heard whispered about The Biscuit Conspiracy. After the biscuit scenario it is rumoured that mainstream science foundations and those who make a career out of being peer reviewed, agreed a secret dark budget to fund Wals biscuit dunking habit with the sturdiest and most water resistant biscuits around. Every month he gets a supply from “A greatly supporter”.

Wal Thornhill Don Scott Electric Universe theory

You will not find mention of this on Wikipedia or on any mainstream news, science or encyclopaedias. Combined with the fact that Electric Universe theory is not just being censored but banned from Wikipedia, or just lumped together with the horrified Plasma Cosmology followers, you have evidence that this conspiracy is true.

In fact, it is due to Wal that we have all the new biscuit varieties and designs. With all modern biscuit varieties being ‘dunk resistant’ or older biscuit types have ‘new and improved’ recopies that have increased their textile strength. Proof!

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Radio interviews or podcasts

Wallace Thornhill Electric Universe theory EUIn episode 55 David Crowe speaks with Wallace Thornhill about the “Electric Universe”. Wallace is among a number of scientists who believe that it is electrical forces that drive the universe, including our universe, and that gravity can be thought of as simply a weak electrical force. While some of these ideas seem outlandish, they do offer a simpler explanation for many phenomena seen in the universe, such as material being ejected from black holes, signs that two stars that mainstream theory says should be far apart (different red shifts) are actually connected, and absurdities such as an infinite universe that is expanding. It could explain obviously non-random shapes in the universe, such as spiral galaxies.

Is it possible that Einstein is wrong, very wrong? At the very least, this discussion will make you think.
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