kawah ijen crater volcano Indonesia blue lava flames sulphur

Volcanoes amazing ‘blue lava’

kawah ijen crater volcano Indonesia blue lava flames sulphurSome volcanoes appear to produce stunning electric blue lava and bright blue rivers of flames!

kawah ijen volcano indonesia blue lava flames riversThe most famous of these ‘blue lava’ volcanoes is the Kawah Ijen crater in Indonesia. The electric blue phenomena is not actually blue lava but sulphur burning the bright blue.

The sulphur is produced around the volcano and then when it combines with the air it bursts into flames. Sometimes the gas condenses, sinks closer to the ground and so when it ignites it appears to look like blue lava flowing down the slopes of the volcanoes where it is found.

Blue lava locations

blue lava flames mount vesuvius vulcano island italyBlue lava, blue sulphur flames or rivers of blue flames can also sometimes be found in Yellowstone National Park, USA. In the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia the blue rivers of flames can be found on the ground near hydrothermal vents and also at its Dallol volcano.

yellowstone national park blue lava flames sulphurIn ancient times blue volcano flames were mentioned as appearing on Mount Vesuvius and Vulcano Island in Italy.

Why only ‘blue lava’ at these locations?

blue lava flames sulphur volcanoes ethiopia
Blue lava seen at Danakil Depression and Dallol volcano in Ethiopia
There are lots of volcanoes so why is so much sulphur produced or ignited at these few locations?

There is so much sulphur at the Kawah Ijen crater they actually mine it.

Why does the Kawah Ijen volcano produce so much sulphur? Why does it come out of the ground in Ethopia?