volcano zircon crystals formation

Different volcano eruptions but same zircon crystals?

volcano zircon crystals formationDo similar minerals and precious stones form in different ways in different locations or are they created instantly where they are found?

volcanic zircon crystals process magmaAre similar gemstones and diamonds formed instantly from the same process?

Similar plasma/electromagnetic events giving similar diamonds, precious gems, metals and zircon crystals.

In a paper published this month in the journal PLOS One, Klemetti describes how he collected and dated zircon crystals that formed inside magma at Lassen Peak and at Chaos Crags, a group of six volcanic domes near Lassen.

By dating the magma, Klemetti can determine when it heated and cooled and, ultimately, predict when a volcano might erupt. The rocks he examined ranged from 100 years to 27,000 years old.

Although the eruptions occurred thousands of years apart, the zircon crystals inside the rocks were about the same age and made up of the same stuff. Klemetti said that likely means that the same magma flowed from those eruptions.
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