peratt plasma instability Hagar Qim Temple

Viewing the plasma instability on Malta

Hagar Qim archeoastronomy Horizon AstronomyMalta has some huge free standing megalithic structures, called temples by modern man.

At the Hagar Qim structure there is a fascinating plasma mythology column of an owl at the bottom of the tree of life, similar to the stack of toroids.

It was found in the first courtyard or opening area from its very large south east facing stone doorway.

Was the Hagar Qim ‘Altar’ placed there because that is what could be observed through the doorway?

peratt plasma instability Hagar Qim Temple

It would appear that the original plan was for a ‘standard’ four or five-apse temple (Spaces 1-6) but instead of a terminal Porthole leading to Apse 2apse or niche there is another doorway at the rear of the building. It would appear that at some point the decision was taken to add more rooms (10-13) to the south and the external wall was substantially rebuilt to accommodate them. As was the case at other temples, such as Tarxien, one of the apses (6) was remodelled to provide access.

The main doorway led to a small court (1) with apses on either side. However, each of these apses are screened off by thin megalithic slabs. Access is through carved porthole in the central stone. To the left was an elaborately carved pedestal altar with reliefs of potted plants on all four sides and a slab with pitted and spiral (‘oculus’) decoration. Five statues were found here in the 1830’s (including the so-called ‘Venus of Hagar Qim’) along with another four in Apse 2. Apart from the sculpture, little was found in either of the rather plainly finished outer apses.
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A recent suggestion by some astronomers is that certain Stone Age structures were designed to help with observations of the patch of sky you could see through doorways and openings.

Peratt plasma instability

plasma instability Hagar Qim tree of life plasma peratt
Were the Venus figures, the fat lady, the mother goddess also found in the apse beside the very torus plasma instability?

The design of the Hagar Qim Temple changed as the Peratt instability (Squatter Man) either appeared in the skies or moved or changed?
plasma Peratt instability Venus of Malta Hagar Qim
Were the temples used to help shield the deadly synchrotron radiation from the plasma instabilities? Or used to control its radiation? used to control it and create new/better crops and animals?

Or for health purposes?

Squatter Man statues

The room numbered 13 in the diagram of Hagar Qim megalithic structure, is southern facing. By the megalith doorway there were found the bottom/feet of carved statues, most likely the large ‘Mother Goddess’ type, which is similar to a Squatter Man.

Were these placed here because the ancient Maltese Temple Builders could observe the plasma instability through the doorway?
plasma instability mother goddess Hagar Qim

At the south end of Apse 6 is an opening that leads, through Room 13, to a less formal entrance to the temple. All that remains of the original furnishings of 13 are two pair of rather dainty looking carved stone feet, which were part of a large-scale twin-figure sculpture. The position of the statue is interesting—it faces into the wall filling—and was either not meant to be seen had been moved here from somewhere else (possibly after breakage).
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