venus liquid Carbon Dioxide oceans

Venus had liquid CO2 oceans?

venus liquid Carbon Dioxide oceansEarly Venus may have had oceans of CO2 (liquid Carbon Dioxide) according to a new theory as to why its physical features look similar to Earth and other planets, even including Titan.

At the moment Venus is hot and dry but has those puzzling Earth, Moon, Mars like geology features. So it had to have a massive liquid presence in the past, similar to Mars.

“This in turn makes it plausible that geological features on Venus like rift valleys, riverlike beds, and plains are the fingerprints of near-surface activity of liquidlike supercritical carbon dioxide,”
Venus Gets Weirder: CO2 Oceans May Have Covered Surface

venus liquid oceans co2 erosionCould all the similar features, found on solar bodies with very different physical properties, minerals, histories but all looking the same, have been formed by some other process?

To see what the effects of supercritical carbon dioxide on Venus might be, Bolmatov and his colleagues investigated the unusual properties of supercritical matter. A great deal remains uncertain about such substances, he said.
Venus Gets Weirder: CO2 Oceans May Have Covered Surface

If Venus was not formed or shaped as science thinks, then an ocean might not be needed? And supercritical carbon dioxide may not be needed.

This latest planet Venus theory shows what a mystery the geology of it is.

early venus co2 liquid geology featuresIf there was a process or natural force that could do that it would need to permeate everywhere and be scalable. The local environment effecting its end result but not the general nature of the geological features it could produce.