universal information frequency quantom description of nature waves

Everythings a frequency – universall information?

universal information frequency quantum description of nature wavesEverything is a frequency – a recent experiment seems to have shown evidence for quantum vibrations and being able to control, influence and change it.

If everything has its own frequency does everything emit its own information?

If you roll a ball onto a table, it will eventually stop, because friction and gravity will act upon it. That’s classical physics at human scale level. But at an atomic level, where quantum physics acts, nothing is at rest. There are tiny vibrations, or quantum vibrations, sometimes called quantum noise that is caused by atomic scale forces.

… But they discovered that even at that temperature, the plate still manifested extremely tiny vibrations – quantum vibrations, or quantum noise. “This energy is part of the quantum description of nature—you just can’t get it out,”
Quantum noise detected and controlled by scientists

Quantum description of nature

universal information frequency electromagnetic fields akashic recordsDoes life, the Electric Universe, give out universall information so that other things react, grow, know, change?

If quantum vibrations can be changed and controlled then do events on planet Earth change and effect life on it?

Do small changes in the suns energy/frequency effect the information our solar system, our planet, life, humans are getting and changes them?

Is the Sun changed by the external Electric Universe?