Could we understand and accept alien views and values?

aliens accept understand views Could we understand and accept alien views and values?

It seems most humans struggle to accept the views of another human. Our views are not correct or wrong - they are just our personal thought or lack of it at that precise moment. Our own views and values are very likely to change over time and with experience of things like events in our life or new knowledge from other people and science.

Yet humans have an amazingly hard if not virtually impossible time to accept any other humans views and values. When was the last time you had a discussion with someone else and changed your view about something? Most 'discussions' are just arguments about the topic with you just arguing your point and not actually entering the discussion with an open and willing mind to listen, think and perhaps change your point of view. It is like twitter - a million people all shouting at the same time with no one actually listening to any one elses opinions.

So how if we have personal crime, hate crime, xenophobia, racist, war against other people becuase they are not like us or especially because they have a different religion theory will we not just understand alien life forms views and values but how will we accept them?

Perhaps only if they are more dangerous than us and will wipe us out?

Or they are so different because their physical form is that their opinions have to actual useful concept or practical value to us?