UFO’s in an Electric Universe

ufo plasmas space craft shipsWhat does an Electric Universe mean for UFO's, alien spaceships or ultra advanced craft?

Does EU theory start to give a possible cause as to how alien spacecraft could technically travel through space?

Are UFO's actually man made or could they be plasma phenomena?

Alien spacecraft in the Electric Universe?

With the possibility of immense available power, perhaps free power to help travel the incredible distance between solar systems and galaxies in space? What electromagnetic technology or space engines can be used or planned to be used in the future?

With the possibility of instant communication between all atoms, all things in the universe?

With the possibility that the speed of light may not be the restricting speed limit that means death inducing light years of travel and advanced technology to keep life alive?

Plasmoid UFO's?

ufo's electric universe
Are none, some or all UFO sightings explained through plasma phenomena?

I will offer an introduction to the nature of plasma in space and in the laboratory. I will then present evidence to suggest that plasma phenomena and electric currents in the universe present the same morphologies as can be observed in UFO phenomena. I will show that the same electric field and double-layer conditions for cosmic and laboratory plasma phenomena can potentially be applied to our lower atmosphere. The implications of this are that our lower atmosphere can, at least, temporally - behave like a quasi-neutral plasma with specific boundary regions (between alternating "double layers" of opposing charge) that can sustain powerful electric fields and highly complex and dynamic buoyant plasmas. These plasmas may account for a good deal of UFO sightings. Specific case-studies are presented here for comparison purposes with plasma instabilities and states - such as Birkeland Currents, Bennett Pinches, and Perratt instabilities.
Towards a natural plasma explanation of certain UFO phenomena | Hossein Turner

Man made UFO's?

ufo EU theory electromagnetic
Could governments, military, be using esoteric Electric Universe based knowledge to design and power man made UFO's/spacecraft?

Or creating plasma phenomenon that is interpreted as alien Unidentified Flying Objects?

If man made perhaps created and controlled by Tesla inspired technology, as there are suggestions that plasmoids/fireballs are seen travelling along certain routes in the skies in certain countries? Or would these just be natural paths for plasma events?