earth magnetic field reversal evidence tutankhamun tomb

Tutankhamun tomb mystery: East was West, North was South?

geomagnetic reversal earth evidence tutankhamun tombTutankhamun’s tomb has many mysteries but one of the most puzzling is why did parts of it imply and show a reversal of the earths rotation, the earth flipping on its poles or the stars/sun orientation reversed in the sky?

There are also possibly other ancient Egyptian suggestions of a reversed/inverted heaven or planet Earth?

The carpentry and joinery of those constructions exhibited great skill, and each section was carefully numbered and oriented to show not only how they fitted, but also their correct orientation

… when they were erected, the doors of the shrines faced east instead of west, the foot ends west instead of east, and the side panels were likewise transposed.

… When the shrine was erected in the Sarcophagus Chamber the middle roof section was put on the wrong way round!
The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen | Howard Carter (Amazon book link)

Tutankhamen tomb: East was West?

reversing earth rotation sun rise set evidenceThe Tutankhamen tomb as discovered and described in great detail by Howard Carter had golden shrines and parts of them were oriented the wrong direction. East was West and North was South.

Even though they individual pieces making up the King Tutankhamun shrines were very carefully marked as going in the correct places?

On the left side, which should have been the north side but was actually the south side owing to a mistake in orientation, is a rectangular gilded panel in which are the Wadjet-eyes,

A pair of protective Wadjet-eyes decorate what was intended to be the shrine’s north side, but as erected these eyes actually faced south … The inside of the roof, the middle section of which was incorrectly inversed, is decorated with winged solar discs and 13 vultures.
Outer Shrine (no. 207) – King Tut’s Golden Shrines

Tutankhamun shrines orientation correct?

earth magnetic field reversal evidence tutankhamun tombOr were they in the correct place? For the sky, stars and sky at that moment in Egyptian history?

Had the Earth and the heavens above Egypt reversed or flipped? Had their been a geomagnetic reversal or the earths rotation reversed or the earth flipped over?

Would you get this so wrong for a Pharaohs tomb? When the whole process was to enable the God King Tutankhamun to get to the afterlife?

The various members and sections of this shrine bear the following “guide” marks and cardinal points, which were either scratched or painted in black upon the gold overlay:-
L. side R. side
EXTERIOR [Left Hand Side?] <> [Right Hand Side?]
Front cornice – N. <> S. face
Front frieze – – <> S.
Front doors – N. <> S.
Front Sill – N. <> S.
Front Posts – N. face <> S.

Back cornice – S. back <> N. back
Back frieze – S. back <> N. back
Back panel – S.back <> N.back
Back dado – S. back <> N. back
Back Posts – S. back <> N. back

Right side cornice – S. front <> S. end
Right side frieze – S. front <> S. end
Right side panel – S. front <> S. end
Right side dado – S.W. front <> S. end
Right side posts – S. front <> S. end

Left side cornice – – – <> – – –
Left side frieze – N. end <> front
Left side panel – N.E. end <> N.W. front
Left side dado – N.E. end <> N.W. front
Left side posts – end <> front

Not withstanding these instructions, the shrine was erected in the exact opposite directions – namely, the front facing towards the East instead of towards the West.

God King Scenario evidence?

Are the issues with the Tutankhamun’s tomb evidence for the God King Scenario? Gary Gilligan would not agree with the Earth physically reversing but the chaos surrounding Tutankhamun’s burial could be strong evidence to support his theories.

Thanks to Peter Warlow and his amazing book Reversing Earth for mentioning Tutankhamen Tomb orientation
Howard Carters notes – shrine doors
Howard Carters notes – Sarcophagus Chamber roof
Howard Carters notes – shrine guide marks and cardinal points