Tutankhamun Tutenkh-amen Tutenkhamen Electric Universe theory mythology

Tutankhamun killed by meteorites?

Tutankhamun killed muderedWas Tutankhamun killed by meteorites? Or by an increase in heavenly and planetary chaos that may have resulted in more asteroids near Earth and more meteorites striking the planet?

If the main purpose of a Phoarohs reign was to bring order out of chaos or maintain heavenly and Earthy peace then would they lose their God King rule if meteorites or other forms of heavenly war increased their attack on our planet?

A dagger entombed alongside the mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was made with iron that came from a meteorite, researchers say. The origin of its unrusted iron blade has baffled scientists because such metalwork was rare in ancient Egypt.

Uncertainty still surrounds Tutankhamun’s death. He may have been assassinated, or died as the result of an injury received while hunting
Tutankhamun’s knife was ‘made from meteorite iron’ | BBC

Tutankhamun Tutenkh-amen Tutenkhamen Electric Universe theory mythology

Does the strange designs on the TutankhAmun burial iron dagger show scenes of catastrophe, chaos and things attacking each other? Why are the animals killing those around them?

The TutenkhAmen dagger seems to have been forged out of meteorite iron. Or was it just a fitting burial item for a God King?

The word ‘bia’ means in Egyptian metal in general but more specifically iron, or “the metal of heaven.” Iron seems to have been more sacral than bronze and silver. Its use for some purposes was taboo. (“It was said that iron was Seth’s bone and that iron came from him. The second of these statements, says Hugh Crosthwaite in his book of KA, may be seen today as an inversion. We prefer to think that the presence of iron attracts Seth. The place where lightning struck was sacred and might be walled off with a puteal, or curb, such as was built around a well. Rock containing iron would be especially likely to attract the god of the thunderbolt, and this could easily have given rise to the belief that lightning was responsible for the presence of iron ore.”
The Word “Iron”and Myth – The Iron Age of Mars | Alfred de Grazia

Putting your iron God Kings in the fire

Was Tutankh-amun killed and replaced by another now more favoured God’s King?

If Tutenkh-amen’s sponsoring God was a heavenly object or phenomena and his Godly power lost is dominance/power in the ancient Egyptian skies would the God King be removed from his own earthly representation of power?

Would this explain the sudden death of Tutankhamun and the shoddy/quick burial in what may have been the wrong tomb? With things in it pointing in the wrong direction?

The carpentry and joinery of those constructions exhibited great skill, and each section was carefully numbered and oriented to show not only how they fitted, but also their correct orientation

… when they were erected, the doors of the shrines faced east instead of west, the foot ends west instead of east, and the side panels were likewise transposed.

… When the shrine was erected in the Sarcophagus Chamber the middle roof section was put on the wrong way round!
The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen | Howard Carter (Amazon book link)

Or is this evidence of a change of planet Earths direction of rotation in relation to the Universe? East was West, West was now East in a reversed Earth?