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Egyptian Suckling Tree Goddess?

egyptian tree suckling life hathorEgyptian goddesses as trees suckling Pharaoh Kings and Queens and who knows what or who else is another strange physical depiction of the gods who rule your life.

One pharaoh, Thutmose III, was depicted in his tomb as nursing from a sycamore tree that had a breast.
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There are plenty of images of Egypt’s Goddesses suckling others. The goddesses Nut, Isis and Hathor were shown as a sycamore tree, which is understandable, but it seems in some images these tree deities are providing a liquid, almost like they are are suckling, which with Tuthmosis 3 they are.

the Book of the Dead describes two “sycamores of turquoise” growing at the point on the eastern horizon where the sun-god rises each morning … The sycamore specifically was regarded as a manifestation of the goddesses Nut, Isis and Hathor, who was even given the title, “Lady of the Sycamore”.
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egyptian tree suckling life hathor

Why in some do tubes come out of trees to feed the ancient Egyptians? Or is it like cartoon drawings to show that the tree, or whatever it actually represents, is nourishing or feeding the Egyptians? In others you have some form of liquid being poured out so it could represent that.

Many representations were made depicting Hathor, Nut or some other goddess reaching out from a tree to offer the deceased food and water. Sometimes only the arms of the goddess were shown providing food or water and in the tomb of Tuthmosis III, the king is shown being nursed at the breast of “his mother Isis” in the form of a sycamore tree. Hathor had an especially important role in the afterlife of the deceased. In tomb depictions, the deceased, frequently accompanied by his wife, was shown sitting under or near the branches of a tree, with Hathor sprouting from the trunk, enjoying the fruit and drink offered by this goddess. An excellent example of such a representation is in the Theban tomb of Sennedjem.
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hathor suckling

Could it be that simple or could Hathor and the other goddesses be a very different physical property or object seen in ancient Egyptian skies? Could the food or life sustaining Tree Goddesses be electromagnetic or plasma phenomenon on the ground or in the heavens?

In the Story of Sinuhe, Sinuhe’s name (“Son of the Sycamore”) is seen as providing an important link in understanding the story. The sycamore is an ancient Egyptian Tree of Life, associated with Hathor, (the Goddess of fertility, rebirth and patroness of foreign countries), who features throughout the work.
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Egyptian Tree Goddesses or Tree Suckling Goddesses?

Tree of Life or Suckling Tree variations?

Are there two or more different types of Egyptian Trees Goddesses or manifestations?

Is there the Tree Goddess Suckling and the Tree of Life? Could they be very separate things or could they be the different phases of the same thing?

Or is it just different periods of carvings and imagery?

Below are a few Egyptian Tree of Life images as an example.

Egyptian Suckling Tree Goddesses. Obviously.

There does not seem to be much variation or discussion about the goddesses as trees with milk. Is it because it is so obvious that it needs no discussion?

Are they explained by Egyptian mythology or they are a Tree of Life representation?

Or is it that it is so strange that any reasonable solution is accepted as what else could it be? Because any other alternative to a Tree Goddess would be inconceivable?

Hathor cow goddess Egyptian suckling

The only reason this subject is investigated here is because Gary Gilligan tries to explains the suckling goddesses and suckling trees in his Egyptian God King Scenario.

If you know of any other explanations including normal, Electric Universe theory or plasma mythology, of this particular ‘suckling’ thing then please also comment below on this or contact the site.

If we examine Hathor in the guise of giving milk as ‘the lady of the sycamore’ this too can be explained. This represents many satellites feeding (or planets) from the edges of Earth’s ring. Hathor’s great cosmic band arches across the heavens on an east/west axis with many small moons (the ka’s or doubles of humans) in the southern sky ‘suckling’ from the hazy edges of Hathor. This gives the illusion of a gigantic cosmic tree with small celestial bodies sucking from its branches.

The sycamore fig exudes a white milky substance which is why this tree was used to assist Hathor in her bovine guise. Ancient people as you would expect drew on the natural world around them to represent events in the heavens and since the sycamore fig tree excreted ‘milk’ and Hathor was known to give milk, then the milk-producing tree was chosen to represent this particular aspect of Hathor’s.
Lady of the sycamore – Hathor – Earth’s Ring of Debris | God King Scenario