petroglyphs sun saturn plasma discharge

Tour day 6: plasma petroglyphs

petroglyphs sun saturn plasma dischargeThe geology tour around the Grand Canyon area entered its last day with the promise of viewing petroglyphs.

Is there an unexplainable thing potentially more explained by plasma comparative mythology?

An early start to try to avoid the immense heat of the day that the rest of the tour had enjoyed/endured, a decent walk beside or in the dry river bed and then suddenly more petroglyphs of different designs than most people who had never seen them before could imagine.

During all this excitement a couple on the tour got engaged! Has there been a more appropriate and romantic place for an Electric Universe theory proposal?

Neil reminded people that the rocks had to already have been darkened by some event for the white chipping designs to be visible.

When looking at the rock art you could see that some were much whiter and seemed to be on top or carved on top of older darker images. Is this evidence of multiple events over times as Rens van der Sluijs has suggested might have occurred?

What surprised some people were the amount of plasmaglyphs created in boxes – squares and oblongs.

Was this the original design or were some of the inside carvings updated with an outline box to reflect a change in what was observed in the sky or the local peoples thinking about them?

Petroglyph types included:

  • horned goats
  • squatter men
  • snake or cosmic serpent
  • circles with dots around them
  • stack of torus (rings) along a column or line
  • stack of torus outline shape
  • concentric circles (rings within rings)
  • diamond shapes (rhombus) in a line
  • squatter man with the large hand with long fingers
  • outlined cross
  • framed complex geometric shapes (patterns in a box)

This was an absolutely tremendous end to the Electric Geology tour.

After this it was the long journey back to Phoenix through a varying landscape.

Thanks to all those who organised, worked on and funded the tour, to allow everyone else the opportunity to visit so many different places.