Electric Universe geology tour Red Rock Canyon

Tour day 5: Red Rock Canyon

Electric Universe geology tour Red Rock CanyonRed Rock Canyon again provided another vista of different rocks, structures and strata on day 5 of the EU geology tour. The amazing variety in one place was similar to the previous days visit of Snow Canyon.

How and why are there such pristine and very separate looking formations but so close together or on top of each other?

Why do these coloured sandstone structures seem to be much smaller than some of the towering mountains to one side of them?

The group was also in search of plasma petroglyphs (specific strange images chipped into the darker rocks by older civilisations) as suggested by Anthony L Peratt. These are now famous as evidence for those interested in the Electric Universe theory.

There is a fantastic mixture of rocks, with geological older rocks on top of younger rocks, a real puzzle for geologists.

Or were the rocks deposited by some other natural process in an Electric Universe? Or some transmuted where they are found? A real puzzle for EU theory geologists.

Day 5 of the Electric Universe geology tour will be split up into various parts, thanks to compatibility issues with Microsofts Windows 10 update playing havoc with creating articles and editing images. It was also going to be a more in depth study of what was observed but it will have to be updated in the future.

Red Rock Canyon geology

The geology tour did a tour of the Red Rock Canyon area. With stop to view the formations where Andreas, Neil and Bruce imparted their knowledge of EU and standard geology. It was very hot, so you could enjoy the heat or the shade.

The infamous stack of toroid’s petroglyph, the rungs of the ladder into heaven etc, one of the official symbols of the Electric Universe theory, was eventually found. It was one of only a few carvings on the rock but at least this Pipette type petroglyph was the most distinct one.

Any old Red Rock iron?

These iron like small ‘craters’ and ‘buttes’ or erosion pits were found in a couple of areas.

If the micro buttes were created by erosion of a surface material then how is the iron oxide like material below the surface in the pits or covering the depressions?

Is it a similar material to the iron oxide Moqui Marbles found in the previous days geology tour of Snow Canyon? Concretions found embedded in and around a seemingly solitary sandstone formation.

Are the larger holes found also created by the same process?

Deposits in the rocks during catastrophic events forming the layers of Red Rock Canyon, the Colorado Plateau or North America? Iron like deposits, replacement, transmutation, blasted, EDM or plating?

On the plasma Peratt Instability petroglyph above was the iron already in the rock before the rock art was chipped out or has the petroglyph come after?