Geology mystery missing out of place lava basalt rock Nevada

Tour day 5: MIA or OOPA?

Geology mystery missing out of place lava basalt rock NevadaWhere does this black rock (volcanic basalt rock?) come from around the Oatman/Kingman area in Nevada?

Is the rest of the lava rock Missing In Action or are these isolated hills geological ‘Out Of Place Artefacts’?

The volcanoes that are the only geology source of origin for these volcanic rocks are certainly MIA and mysteriously so.

The representative geologist of the responsible BLM (Bureau of Land Management) explained this with a lava flow, which is at first not an unreasonable answer. For a source of the lava he gave two volcanoes, one at Peach Springs (about 60 km north-east), the other at Oatman (about 40 miles south-west). When asked about the exact coordinates, he however had to admit that none of these volcanoes exist today anymore. They completely(!) eroded away. But they had to have been there as sources for the basalt flow. Currently, teams of geologists are again on their way to look for traces of the missing volcanoes.

… A quick look at the topography shows the improbability of the success for this approach. The basalt at Kingman (which looks as fresh as on the first day) is found at about 1,000 m above sea level. Both in Peach Springs and Oatman, elevations of at least 1,200 meters above sea level are found. A lava flow to Kingman would be theoretically possible. However, to the west of Kingman, in a north-south direction, a wide valley filled with sediment (700 m above sea level at Oatman) stretches along, which falls slightly to the south. One would then have to assume that the lava had filled the entire valley east of Oatman to reach Kingman. But lava would actually flow in this valley to the south in accordance with the topography. Let’s assume that there existed a barrier that prevented that. Even under these conditions, one would then have to assume that in the valley for many miles, several hundred feet high basalt (including the fictitious barrier) had eroded away without residue, while it didn’t erode at all at the no less exposed location in Kingman. Toward Peach Springs the situation is only slightly better. No deep valley hinders the lava flow, but instead 1,500 m high mountains. Otherwise, there’s the same problem: an extremely selective erosion process ranging from unaffected to total removal and acting very specifically and devoid of logic to achieve today’s conditions.
External basalt | Michael Steinbacher

Could the basalt rock be formed through electromagnetic process or deposited there during catastrophe events?

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