Tour day 5: Hoodoo you do?

EU theory geology tour Hoodoos fairy chimneyDay 5 of the EU theory geology tour continued with more very varied scenery, rockery, mineralery, hoodery and foodery.

Mountains or hill vistas with very different coloured material.

On the flatter plains or level land a number of knobs, buttes, knobs or nipples were seen protruding into the sky, sometimes all alone in their splendour.

Then large flat table top mesas ending suddenly where the flat plains began. Or protruding into them?

Hoodoo you stand up?

On the road around Lake Mead we went through a now dry river bed where huge hoodoos (also known as earth pyramids, tent rocks, fairy chimneys) - stand out columns of soil and rock material with a cap stone - could be seen.

The Virgin River's Lake Mead again showing a variation of colours contrasting with that beautiful blue.

You here people saying that the wind was so hot it was like being blown with a hair dryer. A quick stop here was this experience, just breathing (something you tried not to do but ...) burned your nose or throat.

The surprising thing, to a hoodoo virgin, was why these hoodoo's were still standing or found in a river bed and its banks. If the erosional rainwater is also coming from the side and flowing into and past it and seems to be stronger than rain water as its eroded away the stream bed. It must be very rapid erosion of the banks?

EU theory geology tour hoodoos formation

Diner in Upheaval

Then along the historic and world famous Route 66 and then a well deserved break for the drivers and tour members at the top quality burger and fries diner called Mr D'z.

Whilst sipping on an Iced Tea or Root Beer a number of Immanuel Velikovsky books (Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval) were passed around the group, with messages from each tour member to the others.

These books were supplied by Mark Spann, who also quietly helped with other tour costs to keep the costs down for everyone on it, whilst also being the Command and Control centre again helping to organise stuff while we were on the road. A special thanks to Mark for everything he did to help get and keep the tour on the road.