Tour day 5: Into the Golden Valley

Into the Valley but some not yet betrothed or divine as the 2016 EU geology tour went into the Golden Valley along the Oatman – Topock Highway, Arizona, on day 5. Ahoy! Ahoy!

A look at an abandoned gold mine just above a still working gold mining operation.

A narrow rock protrusion, volcanic intrusion, a mineral dike, was where the gold vein or seam was found. Vertical mineral layers at odds with the local surroundings.

If water and a bit of wind erosion shapes formations then why do these lines of protruding rock seem to fit into the landscape so well, as if they were formed where they are found? They never seem to be that high above the much softer hill or ground they are seen coming from.

The rock seams where this Nelson Gold Mine is found seem to have lines before and after it, where they form part of the hill sides and tops.

Has an Electric Geology event that possibly created those hills just carried on between them and formed the rocky minerals including the gold that we humans so love and value?

One area had very large crystal needles, Bruce suggested that standard geology theory would interpret this as the crystals having formed very quickly. Perhaps nearly instantaneously where they are found? Perhaps the gold was also formed instantly?