abandoned gold mining towns near Route 66

Tour day 5: Looking for ghosts

Driving through the hills around and along Route 66 in Nevada to look for the missing volcanoes, the missing basalt and the ghosts of the ghost gold towns at Oatman and Techatticup.

Oatman not so Ghost Town

At Oatman the EU theory geology tour drivers had to navigate for lots of tourists wandering the streets and the local wild donkeys (burros).

Techatticup Gold Mine Ghost Town

Further along there was another gold mining ghost town (Techatticup) which was a great surprise stop. The owners are slowly restoring the buildings of the gold mine town and acquiring eccentric props from movie scenes filmed there.

Freezing cold Coca Cola from a Marilyn Monroe shaped glass bottle, lots of rattlesnakes in a freezer guarding the drinks fridge, history, photographs, tourist tat, true illegal aliens with alien Greys camping in a small room, pottery with the similar patterns found around the world as if they had all witnessed the same phenomena, and some old buildings.