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Toronto Conference 2016 (Mythology, Chronology, Catastrophism)

Toronto conference mythology chronology electric univese theory euThe Toronto Conference 16 – 19 May 2016 is the most important ‘mythology’ conference and also includes comparative mythology, plasma mythology, chronology revisionism, catastrophism, quantavolution, Saturn Cosmology (Saturn Configuration theories) and other interesting subjects involving the human history of the Earth.

Its speakers and topics include Electric Universe theory based on inspired themes. The conference is organised by Planet Amnesia.

Early bird tickets cost $295 and there are only 90 tickets available so buy yours now.

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Toronto Conference 2016 introduction

This year’s conference has a primary focus on the ‘human record.’ We will consider the role of the narrative and symbolic arts of literature, myth, religion, theater, and athletics in sublimating the memory of these crisis events.

Alongside the human record is a catastrophic story written across the face of our planet and among the various sky bodies. The conference will also explore evidence for the source, cause and result of celestial and earth induced crises through the sciences of geology, biology, and stratigraphy studies.

Toronto Conference 2016 Goals

The upcoming Celestial Crisis and the Human Record Toronto conference will offer an interpretation of ancient history that mainstream academia refuses to explore.

Its central tenet is that the earth, its biosphere, and human culture have been profoundly impacted by forces emanating from the sky. Though it is recognized that volcanoes, earthquakes, lightning, tsunamis and all manner of violent weather have periodically wrought havoc on the surface of the earth, the driver for the greatest cataclysmic periods of history came from celestial influences. The evidence for this can be found in the realm of science, from a new understanding of astrophysics that recognizes electricity as a dominant force in the universe. The best evidence comes from the association of scholars under the “Electric Universe” umbrella.

The Planet Amnesia Toronto Conference has a great list of speakers, including a number who will also be at the EU 2016 conference (Thunderbolts Electric Universe theory conference).

Toronto Conference 2016 information

Toronto conference mythology catastrophe history eu theory planet amnesia
Toronto Conference introduction
Toronto Conference Goals
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Toronto Conference 2016 Speakers

Anne-Marie de Grazia
Gunnar Heinsohn
Irving Wolfe
William Mullen
Jno Cook
David Novak
Julian West
Ev Cochrane
Roger Poisson
Milton Zysman
A P David
Andreas Otte
Kim Gibson
Peter Jupp