geology geologists surprising surprised theory

What in Earth! Surprising geology

geology geologists surprising surprised theorySurprising geology is not hard, as most things geology and geologists find surprises them and their theory of geology. A good theory predicts and geology theory predicts virtually nothing correct.

Geology theory is constantly having to be modified because there are no other alternative geology theories that make sense in a Gravity Universe and a Newtonian Clockwork Solar System. Could Electric Universe theory geology be able to start to explain things better? Without being so surprised or shocked?

What on and in Earth! Surprising geology

The moment geologists started drilling deep holes into the Earths surface they found nothing they had predicted. Firstly the Russians were surprised. The Germans then methodically used the Russians results and their own research to predict what they would certainly find. The Germans were very surprised also.

Diamonds and oil are important (expensive and profitable things), you would expect with all the money spent on research them they would not be surprised about where they find them or what type?

And layers of rocks should be fairly easy.

Geology and geologists surprised by everything?

canada diamonds surpise

Diamonds in Canada?
Almost everyone was surprised when Canada went from an unknown diamond locality to a leading producer of gem-quality diamonds.
Throughout the 20th century most people would never have thought about Canada being an important producer of diamonds. Their knowledge of diamonds was fixed on mining operations in Africa and diamond trading centers in Europe.
All of this started to change in 1991 when two geologists, Chuck Fipke and Stewart Blusson, found evidence of diamond-bearing Kimberlite pipes about 200 miles north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
Diamond Mines in Canada

Scientists have argued for half a century about the existence of a form of diamond called lonsdaleite, which is associated with impacts by meteorites and asteroids. A group of scientists based mostly at Arizona State University now show that what has been called lonsdaleite is in fact a structurally disordered form of ordinary diamond.
Asteroid impacts on Earth make structurally bizarre diamonds


Researchers from the University of Liverpool have found an unusual mass of rock deep in the active fault line beneath Chile which influenced the rupture size of a massive earthquake that struck the region in 2010.
The geological structure, which was not previously known about, is unusually dense and large for this depth in the Earth’s crust.
Study of Chile earthquake finds new rock structure that affects earthquake rupture

Seafloor surprises

Methane is often found naturally leaking from the seafloor, particularly in petroleum basins like the Gulf of Mexico or along tectonically active continental margins like the U.S. West Coast, but such plumes were not expected along passive margins, like the east coast of North America
Hundreds of methane seeps discovered along the U.S. East Coast