supernovae Earth formation theory wrong

Supernovae theory or Nebular hypothesis wrong? Or both?

Supernovae or Nebular hypothesis theory wrongA recent study investigated what it terms extraterrestrial dust in the sea floor and, not surprisingly, was surprised by what it did and did not find.

The report then suggests that science Supernovae theory may have to be changed, as it does not fit these results.

Dr Wallner’s team studied plutonium-244 which serves as a radioactive clock by the nature of its radioactive decay, with a half-life of 81 million years.

“Any plutonium-244 that existed when the earth formed from intergalactic gas and dust over four billion years ago has long since decayed,” Dr Wallner said.

“So any plutonium-244 that we find on earth must have been created in explosive events that have occurred more recently, in the last few hundred million years.”

“We found 100 times less plutonium-244 than we expected,” Dr Wallner said.
Ocean floor dust gives new insight into supernovae

But no questioning the Nebular hypothesis which is the basis of how the Earth and solar system was formed?

And it does depend on how these heavy molecules were created, but does it show evidence of more recent violent encounters in our solar system and on planet Earth? Such as suggested by various Electric Universe theories for our solar systems cosmogony?