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The Sun’s plasma storms

suns plasma storms solarThe Sun’s plasma storms or Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) are spectacular events.

The Sun, according to science, consists of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields and is powered by a thermonuclear fusion.

For some unknown reason the Sun suddenly produces these amazing solar plasma storms, producing and accelerating away, at one million miles per hour, some of its plasma.

Sun’s plasma storm 2012

1859 carrington event plasma stormNormally CME’s are large events but sometimes the Sun produces an incredible outburst of solar weather and in 2012 there was one such Coronal Mass Ejection. The video below explains what happens and the size of it.

Scientists think it was as big as the famous 1859 Carrington Event that may have triggered the Royal Charter Storm. In 2012 the massive solar storm missed us unlike in 1859.

But why did was the Suns plasma storm this time accelerated at six million miles an hour?

Why was it so large?

What does trigger CME’s?

Why did the 2012 perfect storm of plasma have mini preceding Coronal Mass Ejections?

Would solar plasma storms be better explained in an Electric Universe? Especially if our Sun was not powered by nuclear fusion but part of the electromagnetic circuit in an Electric Solar System and Universe?

The video below also explains what happened