hathor suckling

Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs suckling

hathor-suckling-2The Egyptian cow goddess Hathor is a strange deity even for the crazy pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods.

One image associated with Egyptian goddess Hathor is her suckling other Egyptian gods and sometimes the Pharaoh Kings. This is another strange attribute for the Goddess of the intriguing Dendera Temple complex.

Others are similarly shown but Hathor and Isis are the main nursing goddesses.

Are they all different goddesses or variations of each other at different stages of whatever they represent? Different names of gods and Pharaohs are given to the same images.

Or is it some special feature attributed Hathor, so other ancient Egypt goddess are shown in the Hathor style to easily signify what the non Hathor goddess like Isis is doing?

hathor suckling

There is even an image interpreted as being a sycamore tree suckling a Pharaoh.

The sycamore was sacred to her (Lady of the Southern Sycamore). She is said to be the mother of the pharaoh, and is often depicted in a nurturing role, suckling the pharaoh when he was a child (hence a goddess of motherhood).
Hathor, Goddess of Love, Music, Beauty | Tour Egypt

The goddess Isis is often shown suckling other gods including Horus. Often Isis is nursing these gods while she wears the headdress of another goddess, the Hathor headdress.

Suckling Hathor, Egyptian Goddesses and Gods, Pharaoh Queens and Kings

isis suckling
The scene of ancient Egyptian deities and Pharaohs suckling babies or each other is a repeated carved image found in the Egyptian temples and tombs. The act of providing life giving milk is also seen in scrolls and in pharaonic statues.

Babies and motherhood are a very important and symbolic part of life but why is this particular image so important in ancient Egyptian mythology and folklore?

These images are mainly of Egypt’s Hathor but some include other gods, goddesses and Pharaohs including the Pharaoh ‘Queen’ Hatshepsut. The file name descriptions reflect what the page where they were found and copied from suggested they are.

Hathor suckling and others

The list and images of important Egyptian deities and pharaonic Kings and Queens suckling, nursing or being nursed include: Hatshepsut, Isis, Hathor, Nekhebet, Mut, Thutmose 3 and Horus.