Animal and serpent gods suckling?

hathor snakeHathor as a cow goddess suckling God King Phaorahs and other gods can be reasonably understood in the madness that seems to be ancient Egyptian mythology.

Hathor/Isis as tree gods milking Egypts phaorahs seems hard to understand.

But other ancient animal gods, spirit gods and strange creature gods including serpents (snakes) or reptiles (lizards) milking babies is up there with the craziness of the Egypt's deities.

The image to the right is of the very ancient Sumerian serpent god from the Ubaid period in Mesopotamia. In Standard Chronology that is about 6000 to 4000 BC

Not only is it an animal suckling someone else's and something else's young but its hip or groin area has the same see through triangle skirt/cloth with lines that you will witness the Egyptian Pharaohs, gods and goddesses wearing.

These images come from different civilisations and times around the world including from Panama, central America.

Is the elongated skull or head of the Sumerian reptile god similar to the elongated skulls shown in Egyptian carvings on their temples and/or also the crowns worn by Egyptian Kings and Queens and gods?

The Garden of Eden serpent feeding Adam and Eve?

Is the Bibles Old Testament story of the Satan snake trying to get Adam and Eve to eat fruit part of this comparative mythology? The serpent feeding Adam and Eve?

With Mary also milking Jesus another suckling god image?