subglacial circuits subglacieal water

Subglacial water currents and circuits

subglacial circuits subglacieal waterSubglacial lakes and subglacial water currents have now also been found in Greenland’s ice sheets.

The first subglacieal lakes and life were found in Antarctica, with Lake Vostok perhaps the most famous.

Does a subglacial water system mean it is a natural circuit? What sort of component in planet Earth’s plasma and electromagnetic circuit?

The Antarctic continent is underlain by subglacial lakes. Despite the fact that they are overlain by several kilometres of ice, these lakes are interconnected and water flows from lake to lake.
Subglacial lakes | Antarctic Glaciers

Could you interpret this to help with the theory of interior water oceans, subsurface oceans, on icy moons and planets like Jupiter’s moon Europa?

Not Greenland but Waterland

Water inside the ice! That’s the central mystery that focused this year’s scientific effort. It was discovered five years ago. Why would water exist unfrozen – in one of the coldest places on Earth – deep inside the ice sheet?

“We were shocked,” said Rick Forster, a professor in the U. Department of Geography, recalling his team’s baffling discovery in 2011. “We pulled an ice-core up and water was just gushing out of it.”

In the five years since that discovery they’ve sent probe after probe down into the ice. They’ve shot dyes into their bore-holes to see what’s going on deep down. They’ve poured dyes on top to see how water percolates down through the ice sheet.

Essentially they’ve mapped a water table inside the ice sheet. Between 60 feet and 120 feet below the surface, there’s a vast aquifer never observed or even imagined before.

“It’s formed this huge reservoir of liquid water,” Miller said. “It stays liquid all year round, even throughout the cold winters.”
Utah scientists study baffling mystery inside Greenland ice sheet | Deseret News

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The two lakes are roughly 8-10 km2, and at one point may have been up to 3 times larger than their current size. They are found in the northwest sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet, about 40 km from the ice margin, and below 757 and 809 m of ice, respectively.

‘Our results show that subglacial lakes exist in Greenland, and that they form an important part of the ice sheet’s plumbing system’ …

The lakes are unusual compared with those detected beneath Antarctic ice sheets, suggesting that they formed in a different manner.
Two Subglacial Lakes Discovered in Greenland | Sci News

Antarctica’s water currents and circuits

subglacial water lakes currents circuits flowCould this work for all types of chemical ice sheets? The suggested nitrogen ice of Pluto?

The fluid inside came from one of the most isolated bodies of water on Earth: Lake Whillans, trapped beneath 800 metres of ice just 640 kilometres from the South Pole … That water, obtained on 28 January 2013, was the first sample ever retrieved directly from a subglacial lake …

The idea that lakes might lurk beneath Antarctica’s frozen cover was not widely considered until the 1990s, when ice-penetrating radar and seismic mapping yielded the first solid evidence of subglacial lakes. Nearly 400 are now known.
Lakes under the ice: Antarctica’s secret garden | Nature