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Dusty Jupiter Steves

What mythology was inspired by dusty phenomena seen in ancient skies?

zodiacal light dust solar system catastrophe immanuel velikovskyWhat’s causing the unusual ray of white light extending upward from the central horizon? Dust orbiting the Sun. At certain times of the year, a band of sun-reflecting dust from the inner Solar System rises prominently before sunrise and is called zodiacal light. The dust originates mostly from faint Jupiter-family comets and slowly spirals into the Sun. Pictured, in front of the zodiacal light, is a spectacular view of Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River.

Emitted from well behind the zodiacal light is a spectacular sky that includes many bright stars including Sirius, several blue star clusters including the Pleiades, and an assortment of red nebula including Barnard’s Loop in Orion.
A Zodiacal Sky over Horseshoe Bend | NASA

Increased zodiacal cloud cover?

What would you have described if the zodiacal light display was magnificently increased in all its form of larger, lighter, darker, colourful?

Increased zodiacal cloud of dust and Jupiter family debris including asteroids/comets and space dusty plasma would create what effects?