grand canyon formation Aggregation attraction electrical sorting

Grand Canyon formation (Steinbacher)

Grand Canyon formation geologyHow were the Grand Canyon and other canyons formed? What were the formation processes of canyons and mountains on Earth and other planets?

Why according to standard geology does the Colorado Plateau show long term stability yet surrounding it there are amazing amounts of geological activity of mountain building, uplifting and rock deformation (folding and faulting of rock material)?

Michael Steinbacher investigated geology through articles and free geology videos. He started to explain and build geological models and processes of his ideas through the Electric Universe theory.

Below are Steinbacher’s main EU geology theories, notes and images from the a video presentation. Michael Steinbacher geology appears to be based on the works of Immanuel Velikovsky, the Electric Universe theory and what he observed in North America. Steinbacher geology is not always the same as other more standard plasma geology such as Thunderbolts geology.

In 2015 at the Thunderbolts conference there was a presentation about his Electric Universe geology ideas in relation to the formation of the Grand Canyon area. Steinbacher was to ill to make the talk himself and Andreas Otte presented it in his place. The Electric geology talk lecture was called Plasma Catastrophist Geology. Thunderbolts have their own introduction notes on the talk.

I try to be positive about peoples EU stuff but this video is painful to watch even though the actual content, examples and ideas are fascinating. It was very good of Andreas Otte to stand in so when you do watch the video hang in there for the first third of it as the last two thirds are full of information and much easier to watch.

Is the Grand Canyon, canyons and mountains formed by a process of aggregation and deposition of material from the atmosphere and surrounding land areas? Not by large scale electric discharges, such as the Thunderbolts of the Gods mega lightning discharges between planets, that normal EU theory suggests?

That this deposition of material while forming the geological features might also be electrically sorted into similar material layers/strata? Not material already in situ converted/transmuted into other rock and mineral types, as one of the main proposed EU geology theories?

Steinbacher’s Grand Canyon, canyons and mountains formation

Most of the summary of the ideas below are suggestions that should have a question mark following them but most will not. Just take it that these were posed as possibilities and not dogma.

Hopefully these notes decently sum up the talk and that the correct words have been used. If you think that something has been interpreted badly then please comment below. the timings are rough times of where that part is in the video. Any text or links in [ ] are my own added information.

Grand Canyons and canyons formation

grand canyon formation Aggregation attraction electrical sorting

  • Aggregation – Grand Canyon built around the Colorado river – the river stopped aggregation along its flowing water area.
  • Aggregation/attraction of material from Venus during planetary close encounter (Immanuel Velikovsky’s book Worlds in Collision) or from atmosphere to these points.
  • Electrical sorting of material from the atmosphere into layers/strata.

Grand Canyon post process (after Grand Canyon was formed)
grand canyon side scalloped cliffs

  • Side canyons – electrical current/charge flowing through the river itself – accentuated/widened the side canyon walls and created the scalloped walls.
  • ‘Water erosion’ cliffs, side or slopes – not enough drainage area to create some of these – especially on south side of grand canyon where surface drainage area slopes downwards away from cliffs.
  • Electrical charge responsible for gneiss/schist(?) and granite at the bottom – electrical charge constricted at bottom narrow space so increased current density – metamorphosis dirt into different types of rocks even metamorphic rock – initial experimental support backing this model by Michael Ania from Colorado (?) who created pegmatite from dirt by running a current through it.

Zion Canyon (16 minutes)
Michael Steinbacher believes electric forces at Grand Canyon small compared to events 100 miles north at Zion Canyon (Zion National Park).

  • Top layer is shale and mud, below it various layers of sandstone – the area was ‘sloshed’, meaning covered in sediment then in a later event it was cleaned out.
  • Why are the lines so straight/regular – was something from the south eating the material? – whatever came from the south electrically eroded the mud/shale/sediment
    satellite image – metamorphed into clay/grey.
  • Grey discolouration continues east along canyon edge [with Lichentberg/discharge pattern].
  • Sandstone looks scratched.

Snow Canyon (21 minutes)
Snow Canyon (Snow Canyon State Park) – lines/gulleys split into fork shape – why/how? water erosion?

Cedar Breaks (23 minute)
Cedar Breaks (Cedar Breaks National Monument) – lot of basalt nearby – grazed not directly hit – some sedimentary structure left so not intense in these areas

North America sedimentary rock depth (24 minutes)
North America sedimentary rock depth layers map

  • Sedimentary rock map of North America shows lots of valleys in south west filled with up to 20000 feet of sediment – we are only seeing the tops of the mountains.
  • One method of sedimentary distribution is electrical removal and then re-deposition at other places.
  • Another method of sedimentary distribution is sloshing/flooding when waters rushed to poles or east/west – injected into canyons and reach higher levels – when waters are going upwards the sediment is suspended in the water then creates layers by depositing sediment (sedimentology videos from Colorado State University) – when water streams with a current and changes current or reaches new current it starts new layers – these layers go outwards/forwards direction not up/down deposits – very fast fill in of areas instead of millions of years with standard model [More of Michael Steinbacher’s research into sedimentology with links to videos and also investigated in the Christian Geology By Design book]

Galaxy shape of North America (27 minutes)
North America similar in shape to the famous plasma spiral shape – created the North America shape of mountains and Caribbean islands.

Large round areas (29 minutes)
Colorado, Arizona, Nevada Utah area shows a couple of large round areas – one electric event or succession of electrical events created, removed, re-dispositioned mountains and sediment material.

Four Corners area (30 minutes)
[Four Corners area is found in centre of the Colorado Plateau]

  • In the centre area of the Four Corners area the famous Shiprock is close to this – basalt ring around the larger circle area – fault lines of Colorado plateau (red lines).
  • Vortex – diocotron instability – vortices in vortices with anti clockwise and clockwise directions – main direction clockwise.
  • Aggregation of one area when most other areas show removal.
  • Standard model lots of missing volcanoes – very selective erosion process removing a lot of basalt and the volcanoes especially the stump and root of the volcano.
  • Welded tuff – welded onto material – from volcanoes of standard model but up to 100 miles away from disposition – how does the welded tuff remain hot over this distance to still be welded at the point.
  • Welded tuff [ignimbrite]- in Michael Steinbacher’s model streams of plasma (rivers of fire in the legends) was flowing over the surface of the earth – it could have kept this material hot (material in atmosphere, from comet Venus, from electrical erosion etc) so where it was deposited it could be welded.
  • Rivers of plasma flowing over the lands surface applies as the main deposition process of all the other materials – dolomite, tuft, basalt, limestone – being deposited on top of other stuff – it is the main mountain building process in Steinbacher’s model.

Material deposition (36 minutes)
South of Pahrump – red is welded tuff, dark grey is dolomite, light gray is shale.

Back to the Four Corners area circle issue – aggregation didn’t fit well – later concluded that clockwise deposition from material removed from canyon lands and other places around it.

The Grand Mesa area (37 minutes)
The Grand MesaBlack Canyon, Gunnison River – the Grand Mesa is 10,000 feet high – standard model needs volcanoes for all the basalt and 5000 feet of basalt removed without a trace as it is in the way and no sign of any volcano.

Quartz veins

  • Black Canyon – quartz veins – standard model is long term hydrothermal process – Electric Universe catastrophic model is short term (electrical) replacement process.
  • South east of Domeland [Domeland Wilderness?], south of Yosemite National Park – this photograph of a feathered discharge similar to a Tesla coil.
  • Quartz veins are an aggregation, accumulation of electrical charge running through the earth but this might not effect silicon dioxide.
  • Very often gold is found in those areas close by those quarts veins and perhaps transmutation.

Billy Yelverton’s confirmation of these models
Experimental confirmation from Billy Yelverton’s Electric Geology experiments seen on Yelverton’s Mr2Tuff2 videos. Confirmation means the experiments show that the described processes can work, it does not mean that it actually happened that way.

Michael Steinbacher geology experiments Billy Yelverton

Material aggregation and prevention of aggregation
Simulation of material from above (approximation of dust in atmosphere and/or from comet, Venus, planetary interaction) – aggregation on left, no deposition on right, looks more like prevention of aggregation on right

With flowing water – electricity flowing across river between electrodes. Aggregation along river – build up banks/cliffs – possible scallop cliffs and layers due to sorting of depositing layers.

With flowing water – electricity flowing one side of the river between electrodes.

Meandering river experiment (45 minutes) – scalloped walls, scalloped cliffs along the river or canyon sides.

Plasma Catastrophist Geology video conclusions
Michael Steinbacher geology Grand Canyon, canyons, mountains formation theories

  • The Electric Universe paradigm adds immensely to the available toolkit for geological processes.
  • The described processes are able to resurface the earth in a very short period of time.
  • The scenario connects what we find on earth with catastrophic myths and legends.