stars line power electric

Working the star circuit

For starting guestimates what basic electrical circuit stuff would you need to know? What feasible stuff could they now and in the future, electromagnetic spectrum observe and investigate with?

Stream, material, outflow, plasma flow, stars, electromagnetic stuff.

Stars constantly using, transforming, needing energy and elements.


Working the circuit

stars circuits plasma resistanceProtostar FIR 3 (HOPS 370) with outflow that may have triggered the formation of younger protostar FIR 4 (HOPS 108, location marked with red dot), in the Orion star-forming region

jet of fast-moving material ejected from one young star may have triggered the formation of another, younger protostar. ‘The orientation of the jet, the speed of its material, and the distance all are right for this scenario’

… Images of the pair show that the younger protostar, called HOPS (Herschel Orion Protostar Survey) 108, lies in the path of the outflow from the older, called HOPS 370
Star’s birth may have triggered another star birth, astronomers say |

Not buying today, I just want a quote

positive/negative feedback systems
components … astronomers suggesting stars and our sun born with sibling star at minimum if not multiples.

the shock of the fast-moving material hitting a clump of gas had triggered the clump’s collapse into a protostar. ‘We found knots of material within this outflow and were able to measure their speeds’
Star’s birth may have triggered another star birth, astronomers say |