standard model particle physics theory debunked wrong modified evidence nobel prize

Standard Model debunked

standard-model-debunked-1The Standard Model debunked? Has the Standard Model of particle physics been debunked by science itself and the Nobel Prize?

The Standard Model assumes that neutrinos, like photons, are massless. But “flavour flipping” depends on the particles having mass.

… Prof Stefan Soldner-Rembold, from the University of Manchester, told BBC News: “The discovery of neutrino masses and of neutrino oscillations are the first cracks in the Standard Model of particle physics.”
Neutrinos: ‘Superheroes’ of the particle world

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 has been awarded to Takaaki Kajita of the University of Tokyo, and Arthur B McDonald of Queen’s University in Canada, with a citation “for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass”.
standard model particle physics theory debunked wrong modified evidence nobel prize
Neutrinos were classically assumed to be massless by the Standard Model of particle physics, but how this could be remained quite a mystery as up to two-thirds of the number of neutrinos which should theoretically be detectable on Earth appeared to be missing.

Its Standard Model of the innermost workings of matter had been incredibly successful, having resisted all experimental challenges for more than twenty years. However, as it requires neutrinos to be massless, the new observations had clearly showed that the Standard Model cannot be the complete theory of the fundamental constituents of the universe.
THIS is MASSIVE! Less-Masslessness neutrino boffins bag Physics Nobel

What if the neutrino discovery is correct?

It says nothing about the correctness of the Standard Solar model. However, it does have “important implications for cosmology and particle physics”. If neutrinos do have mass it will tend to confirm the Electric Universe model. In it, neutrinos are not fundamental particles but are comprised of the same charged sub-particles that make up all matter. They are the most collapsed form of matter known. When a positron and an electron “annihilate”, the orbital energy in both is radiated as a gamma ray and the sub-particles that comprised them both assume a new stable orbital configuration of very low energy, or mass. Matter cannot be created from a vacuum nor annihilated in this model. The differences between the neutrino “flavours” is merely one of different quantum states and therefore different masses.
Solar neutrino puzzle is solved?