south atlantic magnetic anomaly 1

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly

south atlantic magnetic anomaly 1South Atlantic magnetic anomaly – a mysterious place above the Earth where the Earths magnetic field acts strangely.

Also, according to geology and astronomy this is due to something very strange in our planet or in its core. Because it could not be caused by anything else?

A new study to Earths magnetic field measurements stored in the remains of huts burned over the last 1000 years in South Africa has revealed that the Earths magnetic field under the South Atlantic anomaly has been doing strange things.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a dent in Earth’s shield against cosmic radiation, 124 miles above the ground (200 kilometers). It may be the most dangerous place in the Earth’s sphere for satellites and spacecraft to traverse, because anything electronic traveling through it is vulnerable to strong radiation from space and tends to malfunction.

Even the Hubble Space Telescope takes no measurements when passing over the anomaly. It’s an area where, instead of pointing outward, part of the Earth’s magnetic field actually ushers energetic particles down instead of repelling them, weakening the overall field in the area. And it has been growing.
Ancient Huts May Reveal Clues to Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversals

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly and Earths magnetic reversals

south atlantic anomaly magnetic diagram eu theory puzzle mysteryOr does it have nothing to do with Earths magnetic reversals, as geology and science is desperately looking for any mechanism that might explain this bizarre phenomenon?

that data from the huts suggest that the strange weak patch “forms, and it decays away, and it forms, and it decays away; eventually, one might form and get really large, and then we might actually have a geomagnetic reversal.

… “Some have postulated that the Earth’s magnetic field is leaking out the wrong way at that particular spot,” ”
Ancient Huts May Reveal Clues to Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversals

south atlantic magnetic anomaly electric universe theory euCould the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly and Earths magnetic reversals be due to the Earths electric environment in an Electric Universe?

If electromagnetic stuff is going the other way at the South Atlantic anomaly then is this another part of the electromagnetic circuit of our solar system and the Sun?