solar magnetic filament

Solar filaments

solar filaments sunThe suns electromagnetic environment creates solar filaments, the most recent sun filament is over 500,000 miles in length or over 60 planet Earths in a line.

solar magnetic filamentThe solar material (plasma – electrically charged gas) is colder than the surrounding corona material.

The ending of the solar filament phenomena can trigger a huge magnetic event.

Filaments can float sedately for days before disappearing. Sometimes they also erupt out into space, releasing solar material in a shower that either rains back down or escapes out into space, becoming a moving cloud known as a coronal mass ejection, or CME.
NASA’s SDO Sees Giant Filament on the Sun

solar electromagnetic filaments

Solar filaments mysteries

The massive sun filament during February 2015 was also recorded as having a spiraling magnetic field around it.

sun filament magnetic field solar spiralWhy are some solar filaments attracted back to the suns surface while others are accelerated/exploded away?

Why can some solar filaments have ‘beading’ or double filaments?

Why do some sun filaments create Hyder Flares?

Electric solar filaments

solar filaments magnetic sun electric currentsYou do not normally have a magnetic field without the flow of electrical current.

While a flare originates from the physical surface of the Sun, filaments are simply the huge swathes of solar material (mostly plasma) that are suspended above the surface due to the huge magnetic forces being created by the star.
Watch The Sun Launch A Giant Solar Filament Into Space