Saturn Hypothesis and Plasma Petroglyphs – UK meeting (23 April)

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies SISFor those who are not lucky or wealthy enough to get to the Thunderbolts USA conferences or other EU conferences, there is the chance to meet up with others in the UK interested in the Electric Universe theory and especially Immanuel Velikovsky and plasma mythology.

SIS, the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, are holding their spring 2016 meeting in Watford, London, England and the subjects of both talks relates to Electric Universe mythology.

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies SIS

The first talk by Wayne Burn is about Saturn mythology (The Saturn Hypothesis or the Saturn Polar Configuration) and Wayne will be using and providing scientific evidence that it might not be The Saturn Myth but fact.

The second talk is a real and very rare treat, that you will likely never see on Youtube or in any kind of mass media way. The only way to see this video presentation relating to EU mythology is to become a SIS member (UK for only £24) and attend this or a future meeting.

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies SIS

It is a video of a talk by someone famously involved with petroglyphs and the whole Squatter Man thing.

If you are a SIS member then make sure you get along to the meeting to meet old or new friends and so you can discuss all things Immanuel Veliovsky, chronology revisionism, comparative mythology and Electric Universe theory.

Catastrophism and Chronology booklets

Even if you can not attend the meeting, or live abroad then sign up now for only £29 to receive their great printed or PDF publications (£18 membership). Booklets include Chronology and Catastrophism Review and Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop and cover an amazing range of subjects and sources.

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies SIS

The Society is not a dedicated Electric Universe theory organisation but some or a lot of its members are naturally interested in the EU theory that has come about after Immanuel Veliovsky's books and ideas of catastrophism such as Worlds in Collision. And not matter what your interests are you will find someone who can add ideas and information to your pet topic. They will also expand your Electric Universe with their own theories.