Chicxulub Crater shock rock transmutation material

Shock rock geology

Chicxulub Crater shock rock transmutation materialA unique type of granite has been found during the offshore drilling operation of the peak ring around the Chicxulub Crater.

Material or rock transformed by shock into unique granite by the event that created the Chicxulub Crater.

Evidence that material can be transmuted, where it is found, by a energy discharge event or strong enough forces or even a shock.

Does any rock metamorphism need to be underground for millions of years?

For its first 600m, it had to push through typical ocean sediments that have built up since the impact. But then, in the lower part of the hole, it hit the true rocks that make up the Chicxulub Crater, as it has become known.

“They’re very strange rocks,” said Prof Morgan. “The rocks have formed this feature: it’s called a ‘peak ring’. They’re very, very highly… what we call ‘shocked’. Shock pressures of many tens of gigapascals have deformed the rocks. They’re also highly fractured, and have moved long distances. So, even though they’re made of granite-type rocks, they’re amazingly different to anything else we see in the world.”
Chicxulub ‘dinosaur crater’ investigation begins in earnest | BBC

Shock rock metamorphism or transmutation?

shocked rock geology granite impact  cratersEvidence that material can be converted into something very different on or just below the surface by a discharge or conversion of force event?

Does it need to be a massive shock from a meteor hit? Could any large magnitude event over a large area or a strong localised event shock rock and metamorphism it into other chemical compounds and structures?

Could electromagnetic forces create shocked rock geology below and on planet Earths surface? And other planets in our solar system, galaxy and the universe?

Evidence for Andrew Halls’s arc blast geology theories and also cymatics geology transforming not just the local geography but geology?