infrared light Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

If you could see infrared light: Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

infrared light Orion Molecular Cloud Complex This is an image of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex including the Flame nebula and the famous Horsehead nebula (on the right!).

Without the space dust you can see the filaments that seem to be found throughout most of the galaxies and universe, as if plasma circuits connect and power everything.

the nebula has a distinctively dark and dusty horse-shaped silhouette, but when viewed in infrared light, dust becomes transparent and the nebula appears as a wispy arc.
… The two carved-out cavities of the Flame nebula and NGC 2023 were created by the destructive glare of recently formed massive stars within their confines. They can be seen tracing a spine of glowing dust that runs through the image.
Image: Horsehead nebula viewed in infrared

If people could see infrared light what would they be able to see? What did Claude Monet see in infrared?

If humans could view all the electromagnetic spectrum what could we see in space and on Earth?