sausage birkeland current

Cooking space sausages

sausage birkeland currentShock wave or stars being powered by a natural electric power line in an Electric Universe?

Has the Sausage been turned on by an Electric Universe?

Is it a Birkeland current or some other form of space plasma filament or circuit?

Stars being formed or powered on in z pinches (zeta pinches)?

A so-called “cosmic tsunami” is rousing a galaxy cluster affectionately nicknamed “Sausage,” suggesting that stagnant galaxies can be rejuvenated when galactic clusters collide, scientists say.

Astronomers made the discovery while studying CIZA J2242.8+5301, an ancient galaxy cluster 2.3 billion light-years from Earth. The cluster (yes, they actually call it Sausage), which is full of old red stars, is waking up as a shock wave triggers new star formation. The shock wave from the cluster’s collision, which scientists compared to a tsunami, began 1 billion years ago and is moving at a mind-boggling speed: 5.6 million mph (9 million km/h).

“We assumed that the galaxies would be on the sidelines for this act, but it turns out they have a leading role,” study co-leader Andra Stroe, an astronomer at Leiden Observatory, said in a statement. “The comatose galaxies in the Sausage cluster are coming back to life, with stars forming at a tremendous rate. When we first saw this in the data, we simply couldn’t believe what it was telling us.”
‘Cosmic Tsunami’ Shocks Comatose ‘Sausage’ Galaxy Cluster Into Star Formation