saturns phoebe ring massive

Saturn’s Phoebe ring

saturns phoebe ring massive Saturn’s Phoebe ring is even larger than previously suspected and detected. At the moment it is larger than 7000 Saturn’s.

How big will Phoebe ring eventually be discovered to be?

How can Saturn’s rings be so big?

Will there be more rings to be found?

“It’s fascinating that this ring can exist,” Hamilton said. “We’re told in science textbooks that planetary rings are small and close to their parent planets — if they’re too far away from their planets, moons form rather than rings. This discovery just turns that idea on its head — the universe is a more interesting and surprising place than we thought.”
Biggest Ring Around Saturn Just Got Supersized

Will similar type of massive rings be found around the other gas planets and other planets?

Could the different types of rings be part of a natural electrical transformer for electrical energy in an Electric Universe?