saturns a ring hotter than expected temperature equinox sun solar wind

Saturns hot A ring

saturns a ring hot mystery puzzle plasmaDue to Saturns tilt its rings exposure to sunlight changes. During equinox the temperature of some sections of Saturns rings can be measured.

During Saturns equinox the temperature for Saturns A ring, the one furthest out was hotter than expected, especially in a selected part of this.
saturns a ring hotter than expected temperature equinox sun solar wind

What they found was puzzling. For most of the giant expanse of Saturn’s rings, the models correctly predicted how the rings cooled as they fell into darkness. But one large section — the outermost of the large, main rings, called the A ring — was much warmer than the models predicted. The temperature spike was especially prominent in the middle of the A ring.
One of Saturn’s rings is not like the others

Saturns hot electric ring?

saturns a ring hot cassini mission evidence electric universe theoryConsidering the amazing magnetosphere and electromagnetic nature of Saturn and its surrounding environment, that Saturns hot A is the one closest to the magnetopause, bow shock, some of Saturns moons and the moon rings and their own magnetosphere’s, the Suns solar wind (plasma), could this puzzling heating/energy effect be due to natural electricity energy in an Electric Universe circuit?

saturns hot a ring puzzles  surprises space news plasma

Saturns hot electric A ring due to rocks or stuff?

The team’s analysis suggested the best explanation for the A ring’s equinox temperatures was for the ring to be composed largely of particles roughly 3 feet (1 metre) wide made of mostly solid ice, with only a thin coating of regolith.

saturns a ring hot particles equinox magnetosphere magnetopause… The accumulation of dense ring particles in one place suggests that some process either placed the particles there in the recent geologic past or the particles are somehow being confined there. The researchers suggest a couple of possibilities to explain how this aggregation came to be. A moon may have existed at that location within the past hundred million years or so and was destroyed, perhaps by a giant impact. If so, debris from the breakup might not have had time to diffuse evenly throughout the ring.

saturns a ring hot mysteries EU theory space plasma solar systemAlternatively, they posit that small, rubble-pile moonlets could be transporting the dense, icy particles as they migrate within the ring. The moonlets could disperse the icy chunks in the middle A ring as they break up there under the gravitational influence of Saturn and its larger moons.
One of Saturn’s rings is not like the others