jupiter hex colours hexagonal

A colouful hex upon you

The wonderful hexagonal shape at Saturn’s north polar region has been observed over time to change its colour while remaining the same shape. Saturn’s hex colour has changed from blue to beige (orange/gold).

But from looking at the images the cloud/atmosphere colour surrounding it has also changed?

Making it interesting but not such an amazing change as perhaps a good click bait title and more exposure/funding for future space exploration projects?

Scientists think the shift from a bluish colour to a golden one may be due to more aerosols being produced through reactions involving sunlight and the atmosphere.

This could be happening as the planet’s north pole reaches its summer solstice in May 2017.
Saturn’s weird hexagon changes colour

What colour will it become or will it go back to blue which you can still see in the middle? Was it a different colour before we observed it?

This is turning the magnificent mystery of Saturn’s hex into an even greater and more colourful puzzle for a Gravity Universe than before.

Using computer simulations, scientists have shown that small perturbations in winds flowing around the north pole can form a hexagon shape rotating at speeds close to those of the real one.
Saturn’s weird hexagon changes colour