Surprise Saturn magnetic field alignment

Surprise Saturn magnetic field alignment

Another electromagnetic surprise with Saturn’s magnetic field alignment incredibly close to its rotational axis. At the moment it is seemingly not theoretically possible.

The difference is so tiny that the predicted value of tilt or out of alignment the Cassini instruments were looking for were values above 0.06 degrees.

Surprise Saturn magnetic field alignmentCassini spacecraft makes its unprecedented series of weekly dives between Saturn and its rings, scientists are finding – so far – that the planet’s magnetic field has no discernable tilt. This surprising observation, which means the true length of Saturn’s day is still unknown, is just one of several early insights from the final phase of Cassini’s mission, known as the Grand Finale.

… Based on data collected by Cassini’s magnetometer instrument, Saturn’s magnetic field appears to be surprisingly well-aligned with the planet’s rotation axis. The tilt is much smaller than 0.06 degrees – which is the lower limit the spacecraft’s magnetometer data placed on the value prior to the start of the Grand Finale.

This observation is at odds with scientists’ theoretical understanding of how magnetic fields are generated … ‘The tilt seems to be much smaller than we had previously estimated and quite challenging to explain’
Saturn surprises as Cassini continues its grand finale

If these initial interpretations are found to be correct then it has very big implications for a lot of astronomy theories and others.