Salt Fog

Salt Fog?

There were the storms of 2014, which lasted for weeks. One evening, struggling back from a walk in force-10 winds, David saw what looked like a low, billowing cloud moving towards him.

"It seemed out of place in the storm, because it was coming so slowly across the sea. Only when it hit did I realise what it was. It was a 'salt fog' - salt whipped up from the sea by the ferocity of the blast," he says.
Wanted: Couple to run deserted French island of Quéménès | BBC

Difficult to find a photograph of a Salt Fog, hopefully these images help to explain what and how it occurs in nature.

Humans create a form of it in Salt Fog chambers, to help with erosion testing.

The Sun, Wind, Rain and Dust Chamber can blow rain at approximately 25 miles an hour and simulate sand and dust storms. The Salt Fog Chamber simulates coastal fogs that carry corrosive salt inland, with the potential for corroding military equipment.
Explosion, Fire at Eglin Air Force Base Test Center | Popular Mechanics

Salt Fog

Electric Salt Fogs?

Would the higher than usual salty atmosphere be more electrically conductive?

Are Salt Mists and Salt Fogs related to other atmospheric fogs, banks and storms?