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Update on some of the main results and observations of Phase 1.

Initial update on Phase 1.

Electric Sun and the SAFIRE project introduction

Below is the very short trailer for the SAFIRE project documentary video on youtube.

SAFIRE — The Documentary trailer (1:57)

Trailer text

In an Electric Universe the heavens are not an empty vacuum.

Vast electrical currents stream across interstellar and intergalactic space. They draw matter into a spiral vortex to form a spiral galaxy.

The galaxy is lit by the stars strung along the current streams – electric stars.

In an Electric Universe the Sun is a positively charged body in a negatively charged galactic environment.

If such is truly the case then these features of the Sun are no longer riddles or anomalies. They are exactly as to what is to be expected.

But the Electric Sun hypothesis has the same problem as the Thermonuclear hypothesis, we have never been able to test either in a laboratory. Until now …

More Electric Sun theory videos and articles based on the SAFIRE team and project.

SAFIRE: A Real-World Test of the Electric Sun – Part 1 (22:54)

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The SAFIRE Project : Testing the Electric Sun (5:27)

The SAFIRE Project – Interview with Monty Childs

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