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Egyptian red Sun?

The UK witnessed a red sun high in the sky, not just at dawn or sunset, the last few days. Were the red suns shown in ancient Egypt’s art and temples the result of global dust storms or dusty debris in our solar system, after catastrophic events?

red Sun

Or where some of them due to a sudden change in the input/output of our plasma star?

Egyptian Pharoah red sun solar disk

Dusty red sun?

There are numerous explanations for the pharonic art depiction of a non yellow or white solar orb, especially when it comes to plasma and comparative mythology interpretations. One of the many interesting suggestions includes Gary Gilligan in his God King Scenario.

red SunRe’s solar disk features heavily in Egyptian art and there exist numerous orbs adorning every monument, tomb, and temple wall throughout Egypt. They are also carved on stela and statues, painted on coffins and sarcophagi, as well as on scrolls of papyrus. They are even incorporated into Egyptian jewellery. Since the Sun was the primary source of life, such ubiquitous representation is only to be expected.

However, there is something unusual about the way the Egyptians represented our nearest star that is incredibly revealing when considered alongside planetary chaos. Re’s most basic form consisted of a simple red disk. Why was this? Why not portray the Sun as it appeared?
Ra (Re) – The Egyptian Red Sun | God King Scenario

Dusty particles and perhaps also ash from conflagrations?

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An ‘unusual’ reddish sky and red-looking sun have been reported across many parts of England … ‘The dust gets picked up into the air and goes high up into the atmosphere, and that dust has been dragged high up in the atmosphere above the UK,’ Mr King explained. The particles in the air cause blue light to scatter, leaving longer-wavelength red light to shine through.

The Met Office said the ‘vast majority’ of the dust was as a result of forest fires in Iberia, which have sent debris into the air and that has been dragged north by Ophelia.
Red sun phenomenon ’caused by Hurricane Ophelia’ | BBC

Egyptian red Sun

This debris eventually settled down into the plane of the ecliptic where it impacted the planets, the Moon, or fell into the Sun. To understand the effect that a stream of dust and gas 93 million miles long had on the Sun’s appearance, we need look no further than the art of the Egyptians. Their portrayals clearly reveal the red haze that surrounded our Sun.

The Egyptians carved, drew and painted a red Sun because all they ever experienced was a red Sun. Furthermore, if the duration of Egyptian dynasties is anything to go by, our Sun was hazed red for an incredible 3,000 years.
Ra (Re) – The Egyptian Red Sun | God King Scenario

Egyptian SAFIRE red sun?

Another option in a plasma universe is the idea that the electromagnetic plasma sun can switch between modes, outputs, without taking millions of years.

plasma cosmology SAFIRE

The SAFIRE Project has produced many different versions of a plasmoid electric star in the laboratory, one of this states is a dull red globe that looks like Pharaohs red suns.

Egyptian Pharoah red sun solar disk

Electric Universe Sun experiments SAFIRE

Jupiter was the red solar disk?

Was Jupiter a migrating planet and observed as a red sun in our pre historic skies?

Recent mainstream reconstructions of Solar system history are remarkably comparable to the dynamic planet-god dramas of ancient mythology. The Nice Model’s catastrophic ‘Jumping Jupiter’ scenario, for example, suggests that all planets were once in a closer, more compact configuration before an encounter between Jupiter and Saturn violently separated them across vaster distances.

Myths and legends worldwide likewise recall Jupiter subduing Saturn in battle, scattering his foes with thunderbolts and sporting horn-like plasma plumes as he retreated into distant darkness atop a massive mountain of polar discharge.

Progressively diminishing in size and splendor, Jupiter was later adored as the red disk of Amun-Ra in Egypt, glorified as the red Marduk star Nibiru in Babylon and exalted as the sun-like star Zedek in rabbinical doctrine.
The Jupiter Myth | Myths are History